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24" Aluminum Beam Compass
$ 44.75
A common challenge for professionals and the ambitious home-craftsman is the need for drawing arcs and dividing circles larger than can be made by a regular hand compass. Our smart Beam Compass Kit consists of a rigid, lightweight aluminum beam 24 inches long, a pair of smooth sliding trammels that lock and unlock with knurled finger-bolts, and a pair of conically sharpened compass points that score like a scratch awl. The trammel will also hold a common pencil for drafting work, and there also is a wickedly sharp, double-bevel cutter included.

Replace one compass point with this blade and use it to cut clean arcs and circles in paper, card stock and door-skin. While it won't cut circles in thick wood, it will leave clear and precise scores for other cutting tools to follow - a real bonus, since prescoring the wood fibers will prevent tear out. And the cost is surprisingly modest.
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