250 Lumen Premium Headband LED Light

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250 Lumen Premium Headband LED Light
AAA-powered with infrared technology for hands-free power on/off
A great value in a premium lamp
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04D04.23 250 Lumen Premium Headband LED Light

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This headlamp is packed with features. First, it has an "orange peel" reflector and three lumen output levels, up to 250 Lumens. Second, it comes with a diffuser which instantly changes the focus from spot to flood. Third, it comes with a USB-rechargeable 1200 mAh battery. In a pinch, it will also run using 4 AAA batteries. Fifth (and most remarkable), it has IR controls which allow you to turn the light on or off with a simple wave of your hand. With this much to offer, it is clearly an excellent value for the price. Comes with a Manufacturer’s Five Year Warranty.
Output & Runtime:
(250 Lumens = 3 hrs. min), (200 Lumens w/ Diffusor = 3hrs.), (100 Lumens = 5.6 hrs.), (85 Lumens w/ Diffusor = 5.6 hrs.), (15 Lumens = 36 hrs.), (12 w/ Diffusor = 36 hrs.)
IPX – 6 up to 2 meters
85 Meters or 278.8 feet
Light Pattern:
Spot / Strobe
Battery Type:
AAA batteries; 1200 mAh battery
Emitter Type:
Cree X Lamp XM – L2 LED

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  • IR is a real looser

    John, 12/17/2017 the light is bright and thanks to the 4 batteries has descent run time that is the good news the bad news is the IR feature and no simple just plain off and on button. The IR feature is a 100% looser, junk, worthless pain in the neck. I work construction so it is constantly turning on and off any time my hard hat passes any thing close it activates the switch I hate it. So then when you deactivate the IR feature you can't just simply turn it on and off you either have to push the button on the light 3 times to cycle the light off or push the button on the battery pack. Then after turning the light off with the button on the battery pack you have to turn it back on by pushing the button on the battery and the one on the light which puts the light back in IR mode or what I call strobe light mode because it then is constantly turning on and off every time my had hat passes close to something and on a construction sight in tight confined spaces thats all the time
  • The best light ever.

    Lloyd, 5/22/2017 This light is absolutely one of the best things that i ever owned, I blew the leaves in my yard at night, I clean my pride n joy motorcycle at night, Things i would not do at night now are possible. also the rechargeable battery is excellent.
  • Great light

    Bernie, 5/23/2016 Wow!! I really like this light! The IR feature is handy and very cool too! The run time is excellent and it is very comfortable to wear!
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