Set of Five LED “String Lamp” Work Lights

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Set of Five LED “String Lamp” Work Lights
Connect up to 10 sets for a total of 50 LED lights.
A highly versatile light for any project
07S17.01 Set of Five LED “String Lamp” Work Lights

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The five-series LED Lamp “String Lamp” is very useful. Each one of the five (3-1/2" x 1-1/4" lens) Lamps produces 1,000 lumens (5,000 total lumen output) with 10 feet of electrical cord spacing between each lamp. And each comes with a carabineer for easy attaching to pipes or hooks.

The area lit by each Lamp easily overlaps the next Lamp, so the overall illumination is very consistent. This is a huge benefit. The 115V cord length is 50 ft. Each five Lamp series can, in fact, be linked in a series with up to 9 others on the same 15-amp circuit—a total of 500 ft.

We have examined and tested numerous LED Work Lamp alternatives and we like these, and the LED Shop Work Lights, the best—hands down.

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  • Not your father's light in the attic.

    Keith, 9/5/2016 Nice concept, but not the best execution. I returned them the same day I received them. The cord makes them difficult to mount in such a way as to make the most benefit. It is almost impossible to get them to hang level with each other. There is too much cord for use in smaller spaces. I also compared them to a standard 48 inch 2 light florescent light unit and decided to go with them. More light and easier to hang.
  • Power Horse of String Work Lights

    Carolynn, 6/14/2016 Purchased by the kids for Father's Day, as my husband is a engineering and wood tinkerer. He loves the even light distribution this string of work lamps gives off -- in any of his work rooms (garage, basement, office). Having it easily set up in various places is a bonus.
  • If we only had three arms & hands, life would be much easier.

    William, 5/20/2016 Best idea, and great addition to the cellar. Eliminates some of the troubles I had getting items from and to cellar refrigerator. One light switch, instead of three, When my hands are full of beer, soda or ice, sure is helpful. Plugged it into one socket, and stretched it out across the cellar. Worked like a charm. Great product.
  • I now have light

    James, 3/18/2016 The lights are already up. They just arrived this afternoon. Nice addition to my basement work area. Much better than other options. Great quality, and really great product for the cost.
  • LED String Lamp

    Rick Felcyn, 3/6/2016 Just what I needed to light up my crawl space. Works PERFECTLY.
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