3-in-1 Woodworker’s Shoulder Plane

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New 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Shoulder Plane
83R45.01 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Shoulder Plane

Available 11/10/2020


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When hand-cutting joinery, precise joints like tenons don’t always fit on the first pass. A shoulder plane is often the preferred solution—unlike a block plane, its blade extends across the entire sole so you can remove material right into the corner of the tenon's cheek and shoulder. It's the best way to achieve the perfect fit required for strong and lasting joints. The “3-in-1” label is appropriate be-cause you can remove the plane's nose for it to function as a chisel plane, or install the alternate short nose to make a bullnose plane. Created as a replica of the classic Record No. 311 by Edward Preston & Sons. With a machined cast-iron body and a sharp steel blade, it's a great value with a classic pedigree. Comes with the Garrett Wade 45th Anniversary logo stamped on the side.

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