3,200 Lumen Wide-Area Floodlight

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Clearance 3,200 Lumen Wide-Area Floodlight
More powerful. Rechargeable batteries.
Ideal for camping, Search & Rescue, or household emergencies
04D04.44 Hi-Tech LED Floodlight

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04D03.05 Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

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04D05.07 #18650 Rechargeable Battery (1)

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04D03.08 2 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries 18650

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04D05.10 Intellicharger Model i4

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Almost all Hi-Tech lights are designed primarily to throw a distant beam, minimizing light scatter. This one actually does the opposite. It’s maximum throw is a sizable 880 feet, but encompasses a very wide area--a powerful advantage when needed. Maximum output is a huge 3,200 lumens. Powered by 3 included #18650 rechargeable batteries (a $44.00 retail value). Comes with a Manufacturer's Five Year Warranty.

The Intellicharger is a universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries.
Output & Runtime:
(3200Lumens = 2 hrs.) (1200 Lumens = 3.5 hrs.), (600 Lumens = 7 hrs.) and (200 Lumens = 16 hrs.)
IPX – 8 Up to 2 meters
224 Meters or 734.9 feet
Light Pattern:
Spot / Strobe
Battery Type:
(4) CR123 or (2) Li-ion Battery 18650
Emitter Type:
Cree XM – L2 LED
Features: (Wide light area)
Ideal for camping, search & rescue or household emergencies

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  • Special LED Floodlight

    Bill Bomber, 12/16/2016 I've always been impressed with the quality of Garrett Wade products. This flashlight is no different. The wide throw gives dog walking, night fishing trips, and general critter observation an additional peace of mind. Definitely worth the expense.
  • Excellent for walking at night

    Wilbur Walkoe, 8/8/2016 I have limited eyesight in very low light; so I use a flashlight when walking after dark. The typical problem with this is that, even if the flashlight is very powerful, it only throws a narrow beam of light, which doesn't illuminate my path at all well. This wide-area light is both powerful and properly directed to give me a good look at the ground ahead of me.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner August 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Wilbur!!
  • Powerful Flood Flashlight

    Donald B. Roberts, 3/25/2015 When I turned this flashlight on I didn't feel that I had just activated a flashlight; what I experienced instead was that I immediately had turned the night into (very bright) daylight. Like nothing I've ever experienced before. Almost scary.
  • Light Where You Are

    Ed, 12/8/2014 Where do you need light the most? Not a quarter mile away but right where you are. This light fills the area where your vision actually falls with a uniform, bright illumination. It's a long overdue concept well executed. Bravo!
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