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Bestseller 333 Piece Drill And Driver Set
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05R03.05 333 Piece Drill And Driver Set

Available 02/01/2021

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Here in one box, with two drawers and six trays, are no less than 200 drill bits (long and short masonry, long and short spade, TiN twist, black oxide twist, and brad point bits), plus 100 hex shank drivers of every description, a drill sizer, multiple nail sets, drill stop collars, a countersink and a dozen fractional socket drivers.

Workmen absolutely love this set, and praise its completeness and security. At this low price (about $.45 each), you'll always have just the right bit and size at hand. And, of course, it comes with the Garrett Wade guarantee. Made in China.

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Overall Rating
  • One-place bits

    John Johnson, 1/7/2021 All my drill bits in one place. Very convenient to have all in one place that can go with you to work.
  • Very nice assortment

    Uncle Dave, 12/29/2020 Shipping packaging was very good. The functional case seems durable and more consistent than a comment made in October. Good assortment for a wide variety of projects.
  • Christmas Gift

    Theresa McDonald, 12/28/2020 My husband was so excited to get this as he was tired of never finding the right bit for the job. He loves that his bits will be handy and organized. One bit was missing from the kit but I took a photo and will be working with customer service to get it mailed to him. Great Christmas present.
  • Carry Case Plastic too thin

    Domingo Mendias, 10/27/2020 Just received mine last week. I am impressed with the drills and drivers.
    The concept of the case is good except that is made of very thin plastic. On the drawer slides, one side is okay thickness wise, the other side is super thin and will not support the tray when pulled out. Also many of the items will not stay in their slot when you close the drawers. The drill bits and some others just fall out. I will probably come up with another storage solution for these items.
  • 333 Drill & Driver set

    Tom, 10/17/2020 Greta buy ...and excellent method for storage of drills & bits as you need & use them...easy to get the right one for the job!
  • No more scrounging around the shop...it’s all here.

    Tim, 10/17/2020 A most complete set of drill & drivers. All so handy & portable.
  • Great Set

    Andrea, 9/21/2020 Great value and everything a homeowner needs to do projects around the house. This is the second time I have bought this item. I gave the second one to a new homeowner. Thank you GW for making a great set and affordable.
  • Amazing quality

    Linda Miller, 8/6/2020 Awesome quality! Clearly the “GAP” of tools.
  • Awesome buy

    Terrance knutson, 4/26/2020 Used several of the drill bits already. They seam shark and strong.it was a greayvalue for the quantity and variety of bits.
  • Nice to see an old friend!

    Mark Bayler, 3/14/2020 Great set of tools. Menards in Wisconsin offered this set back in 2007 for $39 dollars. It was a great buy.
  • A Great BD Present

    Michael Averill, 3/11/2020 A great set! Bought as a birthday present for our oldest (in college) son - who is fantastic in building items, welding, and fixing everything possible. This set is complete and will complement all the tools handed down from me, my father, and my father-in-law. Excellent price as well.
  • Home Handy Special

    Greg, 12/10/2019 A wide choice of drills and drivers in one place saves repeated trips to stores or not being able to find the right tool so you have to use an available but less than ideal tool for a job. I bought 2 of my children who just became homeowners. They will need many of these tools and with the house they will have some place to keep them.
  • Craftsmanship Creed

    Frederick W Clark , 11/13/2019 In the world of craftsmanship you are only as good as your tools. Having quality tools at a reasonable price is paramount to doing quality workmanship on any project that is well done.
  • Unique Product That Is Well Designed And Well Built

    Frederick W. Clark , 11/12/2019 It appears to be a unique product that is well designed and well built. For me, a man who works with his hands and his head, having a large array of tools at your fingertips saves alot of time and aggravation when your working on a project.
    P.S. This my birthday gift and it couldn’t be better!
  • A Great Set

    Jim, 5/25/2019 This is a great set. One (at least) of virtually every piece I will ever need. I have many bits running around in a drawer of my tool box among several small plastic boxes, none are complete. This one big set will help me keep it all together.
  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    Leslie, 4/25/2019 I LOVE this! I originally bought it as a gift for my husband but I was SO impressed with it upon opening it that I decided to keep it for MYSELF! (I take better care of my tools; he can borrow them though).
  • More than expected

    Gerald A Labay, 3/22/2019 Larger and more complete than I imagined, and it made a splendid birthday gift for our son in his new home.
  • Happy B-Day Gift

    Cassandra, 2/18/2019 Bought this as a B-Day gift as it is something he chose and has looked at several times. I can't speak much to his thoughts on quality as of yet but if it is like anything else from this company, he won't be disappointed
  • Great Brush

    CassB, 2/17/2019 I’ve only had this a short time but I’m very excited for it. Finding a good nail brush is so hard to do!
  • Merry Chritmas!

    Audrey, 1/21/2019 This was a Christmas gift for my husband and he loves it! He claims it has inspired him to get some of the house projects done now! Yay!!!
  • Excellent gift

    Deb McQueen, 1/17/2019 Buying a gift for my husband is so difficult to buy a gift for. He never gives me any hints of what he would like. I was inspired when I saw this in your catalog. He LOVES it! I think he likes it better than any gift he has gotten in a long time. He said I had outdone myself.
  • He saw it in the catalogue and chose it!

    Kathleen Albro, 1/16/2019 This was a holiday gift for my husband and he hasn't been able to use the collection much yet. But while aware of the softness issue others have noticed, he is excited to have such and extensive set of drill bits.
  • Owner, operator Rhodes Auto Repair

    Ronald Rhodes, 12/30/2018 Excellent product for handyman, everything in one portable tool box.
  • Title sufficently describes the product in this kit.

    Lewis Cavaretta, 12/16/2018 This Set has any size drill and driver I will ever need. They are all in the same place when I need them. My other drivers are spread all over my garage and are difficult to find when I need them. I am happy with my purchase.
  • Good basic set for someone that has nothing!!

    Porky, 12/5/2018 As being a regular handyman and always needing the correct tool for the job at hand this is a dream. Maybe not 100% professional grade but better than nothing at all in a situation. As bits most often use wear out I replace them with a quality bit. No biggie....
  • Mom

    JOANN YOUNG, 10/22/2018 I bought this set for my son for Christmas. Taking it out of the box and opening the case, I was impressed. I hope he will like it. It is my dream collection, even if I don't get to use any of them.
  • 333 Piece Drill & Driver Set

    W. T. Hawkins, 10/22/2018 They are not high-quality drill bits
  • Soft metal driver bits

    Thomas Patterson, 10/21/2018 Overall, the set is very good. Drill bits and accessories have done everything that I have asked them to do. The exception is the driver bits. Many of the bits that I have used show that they were made of very soft metal. Many if these are no longer useable. I recognize that these bits may only have cost me $.45 each but I certainly could not justify paying that much again. Please pay attention to your customers comments and sell a product with more durable metal. I have not had bad experience with any of the other parts of this set.
  • A great gift for any man.

    Jon, 9/15/2018 This is a great buy and gift. Every handyman's dream
  • Quality Gift

    Jan Rawson, 5/7/2018 It was a Christmas gift and I couldn't have been more pleased. The quality and assortment of drills and driver is awesome. The recipient was pleased and has indicated he likes the quality and case.
  • Drilling away

    John Grzymko, 5/5/2018 Great deal lots of bits for a good price. Excellent for home handyman.
  • Great set for most home repair jobs and projects.

    Ehren, 1/24/2018 Got this as a holiday present. Very good quality drill bits (particularly the spade bits); some other reviewers report having had some issues with the case but so far I haven't had any problem with it yet. Only wish there were a couple more hole saws included but otherwise it's had everything I've needed.
  • Poor case quality

    Brad, 1/13/2018 Poor quality case. Held together with drywall screws. Case fell apart and stabbed my hand right out of the box. I've seen a lot of plastic cases, never one screwed together. A bad idea and they couldn't even get that right. Can't comment on the bits, put it back in the box and shipped it back. I expected average quality bits, but the case was a deal breaker.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 333 Piece Drill & Driver Set. We're sorry to hear about the case, and especially for your injury from it. Please accept our sincerest apologies.
  • Don't buy

    William J French, 11/16/2017 Very poor quality. Steel does not hold a sharp edge. Good for use as a boat anchor. Stick with American-made tools.
  • Excellent

    Dan, 11/12/2017 This is a must have for a home shop. I was pleasently surptised as to the completeness of this product. Now I won't have to run to the big box store hoping they have the drill bit or driver that I need. Recommend this for all home projects.
  • Great set!

    J Pierce, 11/6/2017 Great set to have around the house! Everything bit you could possibly need for home projects.
  • Poor

    Dennis Vicars , 11/5/2017 Poor
  • Fine tools.

    RANDLE WHITNEY, 10/15/2017 Good steel. It is a "must have" set for your drill press. Sharp . One problem: The case had screws that had missed their target and needed to be realigned. The case is poorly constructed (misfit in parts) easily corrected with a pocket knife. All tools fit their slots firmly. I really like the duplicate tool sizing for the most used diameters. Case forming and fit needs attention.
  • muy bien garret

    carolina quiroga, 2/13/2017 muy completo el producto, exelente calidad
  • What are you waiting for? Get it now!

    william f wallace, 10/29/2016 I cannot imagine more tools in the same amount of space. The drawers work great, there is everything you could possibly want here, short of specialty tools. I got mine at half price and so bought my neighbor one too - a real two for one deal. Don't let this one slide by you.
  • Not worth 20 dollars

    me, 5/13/2016 not for on the job
  • bang up tools for the money

    ken, 3/5/2016 great
  • Great Set at an affordable price

    Orin, 1/19/2016 I always wanted a set like this so when I saw the great price I just had to have it.
    Has all the different types of drill bits I'll ever need. Great set at an affordable price.
  • Great Bit Set

    Bill, 12/24/2015 Bought one for my brother too.
  • Ok set if you want a large assortment in one shot.

    DG, 12/11/2015 Nice to have a assortment all in one place. Fact is bits break easy. The mason bits wear out after 1 hole and that is with coolant. Only good if you sometimes do some home repairs,
  • Good But Not For Professional Use

    Ringo, 9/22/2015 Just as the title says. It is nice to have everything in one place but this is not a professional set. More for light to medium household chores. But they are great for $85. I use them a lot for my hobbies, like building model cars and RC cars and electronics and so forth. Things that will not break bits. I keep them with my micro cordless lithium ion driver and they are perfect for crafts. But if you need a pro caliber set you will spend more to get less however they will work much better. But I can recommend these for a hobbyist or for doing light work around the house.
  • Very Disappointed

    Josh, 6/10/2015 I have been a fan of GW products for many years and own a few. I decided to order this drill set in spite of numerous poor reviews. I figured that they just didn't know what they were talking about. I stand corrected. This product came, as described, in a flimsy, extruded plastic case, with weak plastic clips to close it and drawers (one of which wouldn't pull open for me). The smell of machining oil was overwhelming and the bits did not stay set in their molded trays. GW, please reconsider the vendors you work with. Your customers are willing to invest in products that are well made and pay a little more. I'm still going to look for diamonds, but could use less gravel to sift through.
  • Drills

    Eliott, 4/2/2015 I was surely surprised to see such quality of drills ....being in the machining industry for over 40 yrs I know my drills and theses high speed steel drills are great not throw away.
  • 333 Drill Set

    Donald Tubbs, 3/30/2015 I should have bought these from Garret Wade and they would have been Guaranteed. Nice drill set but find the screw driver bits don't last any time. The drill bits are of fair quality. It's a good buy at $99.95
  • Great Selection of Types and Sizes.

    Gary L Beck, 1/21/2015 A great gift for my son.
  • It's All Here

    Jerry Gray, 1/11/2015 Truly every type of drill bit you will ever need is in this extremely functionally expertly designed case. Also, screw and nut driver heads. A great value for the money. This is the one to have for any workshop or potable accessibility. Well done by Garrett Wade.
  • 333 Piece Drill

    Jim, 1/7/2015 I just received this product. The case is very impressive. I have not had much of a chance to use very many of the bits, but the ones that I have used are of fair quality. I was disappointed that the nut drivers were not magnetic. However for the $99.00 price that I paid I am satisfied. Jim
  • Missing Pieces

    Carroll, 12/30/2014 Good value, nicely has all bits, drivers ,holes saws all in one place , Had some pieces missing out of set 3 tips missing.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 333 Piece Drill &  Driver Set. We're sorry that some of the pieces were missing. Replacement parts have been sent.
  • 333 Piece Drill and Driver Set

    Beverly Kellerman, 11/20/2014 The 333 piece drill and driver set is awesome! This is a gift for my husband for Christmas. Why? Because it has everything he needs in one place, and that one place is a sturdy, handy carrying case. I can't wait to see his face when he opens this Christmas morning!!!
  • Gigantic Drill Bit Set

    Ken Sweetman, 11/2/2014 Amazing value. All the drill bits I'll need, all in one place.
  • Great Organized Case!

    CJ, 10/6/2014 This is the most comprehensive set I have found. I bought it mostly for the case. I plan to replace the drills and drivers as necessary with higher quality tools.
  • What You Expect For A 30 Cent Bit

    Pete, 8/4/2014 Worth the money, even if you use the bit once and throw it away. Comes in a handy case, but mine broke right away so I have to keep it together with bungee straps.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 333 Piece Drill & Driver Set. We're sorry to hear that the case broke. A replacement is on the way.
  • Tools

    Reta Schulke, 6/7/2014 Great tools and good ideas.
  • Absolute Rubbish

    Nigel B, 3/30/2014 I wasn't expecting much in the way of the case and material quality but didn't realize how bad this stuff is! The hex shank drivers seem to be made of metal with about the same hardness as aluminum. I wish I could show you photos of how chewed up they are after driving a few screws. The masonry bits dulled and rounded of tips after just a couple of holes. The drill sizer is useless because there the wrong size holes, how that can be screwed up is beyond me! I have used a few brad point bits and in softwood they seem to be fine. Garret Wade has some fantastic, quality tools but this product is more like I'd find in a Dollar Store.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 333 Piece Drill and Driver Set. We are sorry to hear that you aren't happy with it. We have sold these for years and haven't had the issues you're describing. Please send it back for a full refund, or an exchange for a more typical set.
  • Total Quality

    Ray Hein, 1/30/2014 Purchased the drill/driver set, for its quality, Your never without what u need doing any project,everything u need at your fingertips. Have used several times since purchased.
  • Mr C. Hays, 1/26/2014 The drill and driver set is actually BETTER than advertised or pictured. A bargain at retail - yet I purchased it on sale and completely satisfied.
  • Awesome Collection

    Allen Wieber, 1/13/2014 I am blown away. This set has every size you can imagine. Drill bits of all sizes, wood bits, steel bits, and masonry. Driver bits of all types and all sizes . All in a molded heavy duty plastic case. No need to run back to where you have the numerous bits and drivers at. With this set you Cary it all to the job you are working on. For me this is a big time saver. Haven't used a lot of what is included, but what I have used is awesome. This set is a must have item.
  • Good For Casual Light Use and Overpriced Here

    S. McCandlish, 1/11/2014
  • Holy Beautiful...

    Alicia, 12/19/2013 I bought this as a gift for my husband, and I kind of want to keep it for myself. EVERY bit and driver you'd probably ever need. The case is sturdy, and easy to transport. A necessary item in your shop or tool bag for work.
  • Driver Set Pretty Good

    Clarke Mazza, 12/19/2013 I have been waiting a while for this set to go on sale, and was happy that I caught it at the lower price. The set is quite extensive covering almost all of the bits a home owner would need, lacking only the numbered" set (O,1,2,3 . . .) of bits for machine work. For professional work, these bits would work out OK, but not perfect. The bits are not of high-end top quality, but they are of GOOD quality, perhaps made in China. BUT, to have such an extensive array of bits certainly has its utility and advantage, particularly since the bits that are most prone to break have multiples. For the price, it was a good value because of the wide selection. If you are a home tinkerer, this is a great set, but not one to rely upon day after day after day in a shop. As a serious woodworker, it would not (and is not) my only selection of bits. I give it a 5 for selection and a three for quality, hence the 4 rating. Over all I would recommend this set for typical home use, it should serve in that capacity quite well."
  • All I Need in One Box

    Richard Bulot, 12/19/2013 I am very please with the 333 piece drill and driver set. I have some of the items in other little kits, but this is so great to have everything I need in one container. Great idea and very good implementation.
  • 333 Piece Drill Set

    Larry Strohl, 12/8/2013 The order was received timely, but there was no paperwork that identified/described what drills were for what use, so I called customer service and received an email the next day that was very informative. Very good customer service. I have not used any of the items yet in this cold Colorado weather, but look forward to using them soon.
  • Comprehensive Set!

    Ted, 11/11/2013 A very complete set of drill bits. I love the storage box...and it may keep me organized after each use.
  • Christmas Gift

    Nina Fournier, 11/4/2013 My husband requested this as his perfect Christmas gift--who am I to fight a man with a thousand tools? Must be good
  • First Time Customer

    Bob Dew, 10/25/2013 As a first time customer and retired I was looking through your catalog for any specials that I would be interested. The 333 piece Drill and Driver Set was just the right item at the right time. It seems that all my current drill and driver set are old, incomplete and broken so a change was needed. The set is very well put together and appears to be very good quality. I haven't used very many of the drills yet but what I have used has worked out excellent. For me it was a very good purchase.
  • Great Set BUT Cheap Case

    D. Morgan, 5/26/2013 I am glad I bought this case. The set gives you a wide variety of bits for a lot of different jobs. The big negative, the tabs that are used to lock to case closed are made of plastic. If you buy this kit, they will inevitably break, which will lead the carry handle useless. It's kind of annoying now that it take two hands to carry it, but I can still use all the bits.
  • Not worth the money

    MD Helgerson, 2/16/2013 The case fell apart out of the box - so now I have separate cases.
  • Most Excellent

    D. Lee, 1/11/2013 I have never seen my husband more excited and extremely pleased with any gift I have given him before this set. I have made many purchases since for him and the products have all been 5 star purchases. Garrett Wade has been very rapid in their shipment and quality always in their packaging. Love this company. Thank you Garrett Wade.
  • Drill Set

    Patrick, 1/2/2013 This set contains most of the drill bits you might need.
  • Fantastic Set

    Brian W. Bean, 1/2/2013 The set was a Christmas gift for my father. He loved it. Very handy, it makes a great addition to a shop or garage.
  • Made in China

    Don, 4/2/2012 The low reviews say it all. Until the quality is there - made in China says it all. I've never had the breakage problems I had with this set vs. one made in the USA, Germany, or England. The quality isn't there - even at this price - don't waste your money
  • Poor quality

    KWH, 3/12/2012 The drill bits in this set are of the poorest quality I have ever purchased. They can only be used for drilling wood. I tried drilling a 1/4 plate of mild steel and they dulled immediately. Also the twist drill set is not complete as many diameters are skipped. I was expecting all drills from 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64". That was not the case. The plastic carrying case included in the set didn't make it through shipping. Some drills were loose and scattered throughout the case yet others fit so tightly they have to be pried out with a screwdriver. The drawers were damaged and the hinge pins were torn out. If I hadn't used three of the bits for a project I would have returned the whole thing for a refund.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Despite the problems with the case which we're working on and the extra-care needed when drilling ferrous metals, the 333 Piece Bit + Driver Set continues to sell very well. Many have read the reviews and determined that despite some drawbacks this large and amazingly comprehensive set is a solid value. Despite similar reservations, we came to the same conclusion. We try to describe the set accurately and we encourage our customers to do the same.
    We appreciate your comments, KWH, and apologize for any inconvenience. We are happy to refund your purchase even though you've used some of the bits (how else can you form an opinion otherwise, right?) Call our tech dept  at 800-221-2942 and they can send you a replacement case.
  • Embaressment

    Dave, 2/16/2012 Received this as a gift. The case is absolute junk. The drills and parts barely fit the slots for them and are of very poor quality. If you have money to burn and need to drill into wood and don't care if u hit a screw or nail these might" do the job if they don't break on the wood. I said nothing to the person that gave me this as a gift and their impression upon seeing it was embarrassment. Save your money and time and shop elsewhere. "
  • cheap = cheap!

    Scott Francisco, 1/23/2012 While impressive in scope and to look at from a distance this set will disappoint as soon as you go to use it. From the cheap paper thin plastic casing that does not let you easily retrieve the bits, to the bits themselves each covered in a film of tough grease and easily breaking or dulling. This is a product that proves the point our grandparents made. Buy quality and avoid frustration. Do not waste you time space or money on this set.
  • Cases are poor quality

    Alton Jelks, 1/16/2012 I need a good drill set, but I didn't buy this set because of the case. I recently bought a tool set from Sears and I had a problem similar to others; some tools would slide into the holders, others would not. In the end, one has to abandoned the case, which then only contributes to a messy shop. I don't know what the manufacturers are thinking when they design these cases; metal or wood cases are the only ones that seem to work well.
  • could be better

    Tom, 1/12/2012 I purchased this kit in February of 2011. It has been useful when you are in a pinch. Their are enough bits to keep your job going, but you would be better off buying higher quality drill & driver bits. They seem to brake or round off easily. The box has broken plastic clips and the drawers broke out of there guides. This kit would be better for a homeowner that needs a lot of bits. On the jobsite it does not perform well. I won't buy one again.
  • General Comment

    Carl, 12/10/2011 My review here is for folks who are disabled.For a person who is disabled, cannot move as well as they used to, kits like these are a must. I do not own this particular kit but I own others like it. They are unbelievably handy for a disabled person who has not given up and still tries to do small projects. Cheaper kits can be found but I must caution even the non disabled that every kit I have used has low quality stuff regardless of how much or how little you pay. Where these kits shine is how handy they are to use. Mine has helped me to complete jobs in a shorter period of time. This is important to me as I have to work around my disability which slows me down considerably. Myself if I did not already own a kit I'd buy this one even though some folks have had problems.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are thrilled to hear that this tool has made things easier for you! It is indeed wonderful to hear that despite a disability, you are still determined to be creative. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this tool with us!
  • Cheap is too expensive

    Edward Amrein, 10/28/2011 I received this set today, and will send it back immediately. I can't afford to buy poor quality woodworking tools. This set looks like it came from a foundry, not a machine shop. Parts are dirty, irregular, rough quality throughout. The plastic case is flimsy and irregular. Some of the bits and drivers fit so tight in the case you need to pry them loose; others fit so loose they fall out of their holders when you close the case. The carrying handle on top of the case tore right out when I tried to lift the set out of the shipping box. This is not the quality I expect from Garrett Wade!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Dear Mr. Amrein,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on the 333 Piece Drill and Driver Set. We are very sorry that you were so disappointed. Your set must have slipped through QC. We will be happy to issue you a refund for this item. However, if you'd like, we can replace them with a set that has been inspected by our lead technician. Again sorry for the disappointment.
  • The case should have been better

    T Cuervo, 10/26/2011 The case is sub standard. The top handle pulled away through the plastic. The clips on the top tray had no obvious way to open. Inside the case many tools had fallen out of their slots. A sheet of proper paper or plastic should have been laid on top of the tools before shipment to hold the tools in place. All this indicates doubts on the quality of the tools themselves.
  • Excellent Drill Set

    James, 10/24/2011 Great set to have on the job. More to go around.
  • Good price mediocre quality

    Anup K, 10/19/2011
  • Disposable

    Nelson, 8/31/2011 It is best to regard this kit as disposable. The metal is brittle, the drill bits out of true-a 3/32 bit has a visible wobble in every one. Drivers have broken driving screws into wood. The drill bits for metal are good for about three holes and then become noticeably dull. The price is amazing and one gets a lot of stuff. Just don't plan on it lasting a long time.
  • Drill

    Dave Keller , 7/28/2011 This set is so perfect for a woodworker highly recomend this set to anyone
  • The D-Real Deal

    Joel Mochida, 2/4/2011 I rarely buy one bit at a time, anymore. I also have a drill sharpener I haven't used as of today. I have three sets with the new 333 Piece Drill & Driver Set". Wasn't interested when the price dropped to $200.00. When the price dropped to $99.00, bargain hard to resist! Your advertisement said about $.30 per bit, which has no appeal to me. A complete set of bits, drivers, metal drill sizer, longer bits, cement bits and a large drill container, couldn't resist. All you might need in one station! Now, the test to see how goodare the bits etc So today I had to drill 42 holes after drilling 42 counter sink holes. There wasn't a regular bit but there was a longer 5/16" bit in the "333" set. Drill very sharp, nice long guide point tip and made short order of the job. Ran into some wood knots & the bits in the wood began smoking. Drilled the other holes, came back and added more pressure and viola, job done. Time is money, so to have a set that is complete, saves time looking for the right bit. Warning: Testing of "333 Piece Drill & Driver Set" in progress! Off to a great start. Thank you Garrett Wade!"
  • Almost Everything

    Ed Frantzen, 1/12/2011 This is about as close as you can get to having almost all your drill bits and driver bits in one nice neat package. If it had some of the common sized mason bits and security driver bits I would call this the ultimate collection. It is however still an awsome set in a great neat package.
  • Problem Solved

    Jim Townsend, 12/24/2010 Prior to buying this drill/driver set I would constantly find myself searching through different drawers, boxes, etc trying to find such tools. Now, having all of this in one location with easy access solves my problem and waste of time. Its a great kit and I will get much use out of it.
  • All you will ever need.

    Jeffrey Pitts, 12/14/2010 My dad's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it." Seriously, this is the ultimate set of drill bits and hole making implements and accessories. The average homebody will never need to buy another drill bit. Buy this and be confident you can make whatever type of hole you want in anything less than diamond."
  • Thanks

    Jack Cline, 8/28/2010 The best i have ever had.
  • Great gift item

    Ray D, 4/18/2010 The 333 piece drill & driver sets I gave out at Christmas were very well received. Thank you for providing a quality product at a reasonable price.
  • It is still worthy

    Scott Cummings, 11/23/2009 I read the review by Kenneth. I have had no problems with the drills. I do, as I always have, squirt some penetrating oil on the material as your drilling. They do not break if you don't force them.
  • Big Complete Not Too Tough

    Paul, 10/6/2009
  • 333 Piece Drill and Driver set

    Kenneth Cothran, 10/2/2009 I was very disappointed in the quality of these drills. I am a tinkerer who restores cars, motorcycles and does some wood working. The majority of the drills are dull and many broke in action. I buy less expensive tools because I am not a pro and for my uses, Garret-Wade have been generally sufficient quality for some one like me. This product was my first disappointment with W-G. I continue to purchase your goods, but use more digression in my purchases. I notice you have discounted these drills by 50%. I paid full price. I think the discounting indicates that my dissatisfaction was not the only complaint you received on this product. Disappointed to see you are still trying to sell these. Eliminating Chinese junk from your product lines would be a real positive move. Maybe a cadre of your loyal customers could evaluate dubious products for a more interactive evaluation process. After all, what do you have to lose? You all ready have quality in your catalog presentations and your customer service, this is just the next step. Regards Kenneth Cothran
  • Drill & Driver Set

    Scott C., 8/27/2009 This kit is excellent! If you take this kit and a drill, there is almost no material that you cannot deal with. I bought a set from a retailer that had less than 25% of the tools in this kit. And, it was the SAME PRICE!! The quality is superb.
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