36 In. Four-Fold Rule

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36 In. Four-Fold Rule
A classic essential for any woodworkers toolbox
88G03.03 36 In. Four-Fold Rule

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These are traditionally called Blindman's Rules, because the markings are very large and easy to read. They remain just as attractive and functional today as they were 100 years ago. With their complex solid brass joints, these hardwood rules are not easy tools to make well. Highly recommended as one of the most classic tools any woodworker can add to his toolbox. The 36" length folds down to a 9" long section. Easily slips into a pants pocket.

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Overall Rating
  • 36 inch four-fold rule

    Phillip Hicks, 12/26/2018 My rule seems to be flat and very easy to read with the large numerals. However, as stated by others the item is not very well finished and I also found that the edges of the rule were very rough and splintery, brass edging would have been nice and would solve this problem. I have recently found a well preserved antique Stanley 24 inch four fold rule and I will keep and use both rules.
  • What I wanted

    Richard D Holmes, 12/25/2018 The tool is made soundly it is exactly what I wanted and works like I intended.
  • Reminds me of my grandfathers workshop.

    john, 2/3/2018 The hinges are very tiny & clever. It was worth the price to find a solution for my 1/8in thick folding chessboard. Beyond nostalgia & hinges this is a much appreciated addition to my small studio.
  • Folding ruler

    Keith, 12/9/2017 Nice enough folding ruler. Bought it due to it's nostalgic factor. A bit disappointed in the build. Got a splinter in my finger from a piece off the side of it. Also expected it to have pins to hold it in place as in the ones from days gone by.
  • Very Readable

    Steve Payne, 2/24/2017 Very "old school" and very readable by older eyes.
  • Customer Service came through on this one

    Michael Donovan, 11/10/2016 Ordered this in order to retire a vintage rule I've been using. The first one arrived defective. It didn't lay flat along the spine and the wood was loose at the center pivot. Contacted Garrett Wade's customer service and they remedied the issue immediately. Quite impressed.
  • Meh

    Andrew Ray, 8/20/2016 Not straight when opened, because the leaves aren't fit tend into the hinge correctly, and one leaf is warped. It also doesn't open smoothly, even after oiling. I currently have it clamped closed in an attempt to straighten the warped leaf, and can live with the overall crookedness for now. I'll keep looking for an antique one.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Four Fold Rule. We think you may have received a defective one. You should not have to live with it being crooked. Please send it back using the return label, and enclose a note that you would like its replacement to be checked out by our technician. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Unique

    Bernadette, 3/4/2016 This was a gift to my husband and he was delighted. The first thing that he noticed was the precise construction in the little details.
  • Handy

    Thomas, 7/26/2015 The scale is handy when measuring inside dimension. I grab it instead of a tape. Any dimension that is less than 3ft. I fold it and put it in my pocket
  • What a find!

    Maurice Ungaro, 1/29/2015 First of all, this length is the most useful around the shop and the house. At 36, it gets most jobs done. The "blind man's" markings are a real boon as well. I also like the fact that these are NOT manufactured in Asia, but are made in Holland. The only thing that kept me from giving this 5 stars is that the edges tend to be splintery. Piece of cake, just take some 200 grit sand paper to the sharp wood edges to knock them down, and all is good. Bought two of them so I could send one to my brother!"
  • Bapa's Ruler

    Joe Beaton, 11/26/2013 Have wanted this type of ruler for a long time; my grandfather (Bapa) had one and it's nowhere to be found. I'm trying to do work recreating how our forefather's did it (Kicking it old school) and this is accurate and helps me achieve my goals.
  • Old Time Folding Rule

    Papa Joe, 10/8/2013 Am a bit of a Tool Junkie" and had been looking for this item for a long time > My Grandfather had one that I remember from the early 1950's. Have used this already at least six times and so enjoy much better than a Tape Measure. For bench work under 3', I will use this ruler!"
  • One yard at a time

    Tom Cochran, 12/29/2012 I gave these to members of my family. They are beautiful and what surprised me is how my 8 year old grandson, Samuel, really liked it. The graphic lettering and cleverness of the way it unfolds makes it one the best gifts I handed out in 2012. With all things so electronic and digital--this brings us back to treasured things and time.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner December 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Tom!!
  • Quality Tool

    Frank Speyerer, 8/22/2011 As a retired Neanderthal I find the very large markings on the Blindman's rule very easy to read. The quality of the rule itself harkens back to the days of slow, patient woodworking. I still remember using a four-fold rule my father gave me for Christmas many years ago during WWII when metal was not readily available. Thank you Garrett Wade for a beautiful product and bringing back beautiful memories. I am using my rule today.
  • NIce

    Jeff, 12/31/2010 but not gift-quality
  • Great quality

    Pam, 12/27/2010 Love the quality of this ruler. Can't be beat.
  • re-enacting

    Steve, 4/18/2010 My wife order this rule for me for my persona as an 18th century carpenter. very convenient to use, as well as being historically accurate.
  • Great

    Robert T. McLaughlin, 4/15/2010 Outstanding quality and workmanship. Great feel and look. One of those tools that makes you feel better than you actually are.
  • Clever and easy measuring

    Mike F., 2/19/2010 This is a very handy tool. I first learned to use it in a boatyard in Pt. Reyes California. The best thing is how the widths are dimensioned: Folded flat, it measures 1 across, opened up one fold, it measures 1/2" across, set on edge, it measures 1/4" across, and fully unfolded, it's 1/8" thick. Clever, no? People at GW should check me, but I think that's right."
  • 4fold -rule

    GuyDuv, 2/15/2010 I have been loking for that tool for so long, around here we cannot find those rule any more, I am a contractor and i got that rule in my back pocket all the time. I received those this morning by the post and tomorrow it gone be on the job ,I'm ery happy about that buy Thanks
  • wood rule

    Joe Giustiniani, 5/8/2009 These tools are so useful. Squares and different angles can be executed with these old but good tools. There is just something about using these rules that makes one feel like an old style craftsman. Go on,get one. You know you want to at least try it.
  • Folding Rule

    RNW, 3/31/2009 I don't understand how folding rules fell from favor. I use them all the time in preference to other measuring devices. They are accurate, handy and easily fit in a back pocket. Once you start using them they become an essential tool. The G&W version is well made and the perfect size.
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