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3D Square Set (4)
$ 69.9500
Getting cabinet carcass work square on assembly is one of the most critical steps in woodworking. A half-degree out can spoil your day, for sure.

A decent square can get the sections set up, but cannot guarantee that the sections will remain square during clamping and final glue-up. This tool will do it-guaranteed. Its sections are made of 3/16" thick rolled aluminum, which are CNC machined to within 0.002" at the end of the 6" legs. (This is greater accuracy than an engineer's square.)

Simply clamp firmly to each side of the cabinet section or box, using handy spring clamps or C-clamps. The carcass is then held absolutely square until the clamps are released. Four sections come with each kit. This is a simple tool that we recommend highly.

Made in the United States.
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