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Sale 3D Square Set (4)
Ensures accurate & reliable square cabinet sections
67F04.01 3D Square Set (4)

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Getting cabinet carcass work square on assembly is one of the most critical steps in woodworking. A half-degree out can spoil your day, for sure.

A decent square can get the sections set up, but cannot guarantee that the sections will remain square during clamping and final glue-up. This tool will do it-guaranteed. Its sections are made of 3/16" thick rolled aluminum, which are CNC machined to within 0.002" at the end of the 6" legs. (This is greater accuracy than an engineer's square.)

Simply clamp firmly to each side of the cabinet section or box, using handy spring clamps or C-clamps. The carcass is then held absolutely square until the clamps are released. Four sections come with each kit. This is a simple tool that we recommend highly.

Made in the United States.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Useful Product

    Chris, 1/6/2015 Accurate to within .002 inches, guaranteed. I use them with every project, both to assist construction and to check accuracy of corners. I also use them to check accuracy of other squares. Good factory service. They'll even tell you how to verify calibration [you can do it with spark plug gauges].
  • Sturdy Tool

    Hal, 6/10/2014 Very true and sturdy tool. It is nice to be able to clamp them into position knowing that they will keep your corners true. It is nice to have another set of hands to hold thing together. I should have gotten them a long time ago.
  • High Quality Square

    Mark Helm, 1/16/2013 The positioning squares were heavier than I thought they were going to be, but in my mind this is a good thing. I am pleased with the quality of the material. Would recommend this for anyone wanting to be certain two pieces are perfectly square.
  • Third Hand

    Ara R Bulick, 11/25/2011 I bought my pair a few years ago but I use them constantly in the shop. Besides being very square these puppies act as a third hand when clamped to stock for assembly.
  • Single-Handed Assembly

    Bill, 11/24/2010
  • The 3rd and 4th Hand You Always Needed

    Michael, 8/17/2010 As perfectly square" as you will ever need. Easily clamped and made from very good aluminum stock. Makes glue-ups and tacking welds a piece of cake. Buy 4 as you will end up wanting two more. High quality made in the USA."
  • Square Corners Guaranteed

    Elwood, 4/15/2010 This is a great device to use to square corners on a project. I've used it several times and have always been pleased with the results.
  • An Extra Set of Hands

    Jim , 2/16/2010 These just can't be beat. I just own one pair, but, I suspect they're not the last ones I will buy, since while 1 pair is good, 2 pair must be better. Wonderful for drawers or anything with a 90 degree angle.
  • Handy and Accurate

    MRG, 9/15/2009 Very useful setup jigs that are dead on accurate. I got 2 sets and now I don't have wait for momma to come give me a hand for a minute. I've used them for welding and they work just as well on light projects.
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