45th Anniversary #9½ Block Plane

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45th Anniversary #9½ Block Plane
83R02.07 45th Anniversary #9½ Block Plane

Available 03/15/2021


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Ask any experienced woodworker about their essential, most-used tool, and there’s a good chance they’ll mention their block plane a true work-horse, and one of the most versatile tools you can own. On larger projects, it excels at beveling or chamfering edges, cleaning up joints, shaving down proud tenons, and more. For very small projects, it might be the only plane you need, function-ing as a jointer, smoother, and shooting plane. This tool excels around the house anytime you need to remove a little bit of material. The door that sticks every summer? A light pass or two with a block plane makes for a perfect fit. The Garrett Wade 45th Anniversary Block Plane features a brass cap, cast iron body, and a blade ground at 25 ̊. Its bevel-up design means it’s effective on even the gnarliest of woods. The adjustable mouth (from 1/16" to 3/8") allows you to take heavy cuts or delicate shavings.

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