45th Anniversary Suede Apron

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New 45th Anniversary Suede Apron
Made in the USA
15A02.59 45th Anniversary Suede Apron

Available 10/03/2020

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Designed by us to be the ultimate Suede Shop Apron. It’s 31" long and made from comfortable, 1/16" thick split-leather cowhide with brass hand-riveted fasteners. The “X”-shaped cross straps disperse weight evenly, taking the pressure off the back of your neck, and are easily adjustable to fit most frames. We skipped the heavy waist level pocket as severely restricting easy movement, deciding instead on a center breast pocket, with room for a phone, pencil, notes, penknife, scissors, etc. The good looking vertical front seam is double leather reinforced.

We’ve put in a lot of time working in shops, and we believe this fills a need not met by other products. All in all, it’s a very handsome, rugged apron made in the US that offers great protection for your clothes and yourself. We love it. Good cost too.

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  • Best Apron I’ve ever seen

    Gary Svetlik , 9/23/2020 I’ve had many aprons over the years, this is by far the best. Very comfortable, beautiful soft suede. Once again GW combines top quality unique products at a great price.
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