Stand-up Bulb Planter

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Stand-up Bulb Planter
saves your back and knees
11G12.21 Stand-up Bulb Planter

Available 06/15/2021


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This Stand-Up Bulb Planter allows you to make holes for your bulb planting from a full standup position, saving your back (and knees) from aching the next day. Simply stand on the horizontal feet and allow your weight and gravity to do the heavy work of digging the hole. Then simply pull out the planter and use the knob to push out the soil plug. Easy. The powdered steel shaft measures 38" long. Makes a 2½" diameter hole, that is 4½" tall. With rubberized polymer grips (like an old-school bicycle). It will be the fastest way you ever plant your crocus and tulips.

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Overall Rating
  • Great planter except for one small issue.

    Cora , 11/23/2020 I love my bulb planter. It has certainly helped my bulb planting. However the wet clay soil sticks to the top of the planter and has to be dug out which is a challenge. It won’t stop me from using it . Though it is frustrating.
  • Amazing, but beware the shoddy pivot rivet

    Anne Somewhere, 11/8/2020 When this tool went throughly my dense heavy soil like a knife through butter, I immediately began thinking I could order a thousand more tulip bulbs! It was amazing.
    And then the cheap little pivot rivet inside the cylinder broke....Booo!
    I fixed it with some trellis wire and ordered a thousand more bulbs. Spring will be amazing here. Five stars for the everything thing except the rivet.
  • The best bulb planter made.

    Wendy Sullivan, 11/1/2020 I bought this for my partners birthday. She’s a great bulb planter but she’s getting older & I wanted to give her a present she would use & love. She loved it she was familiar with Garrett Wade products & said “when you see the name Garrett Wade”
    You know you have the best”
  • Works like a charm

    Richard Verney, 10/24/2020 Makes planting daffodil bulbs very easy and saves your knees and back from having to plant bulbs kneeling down and bending over.
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