Waxed Canvas Greenmarket Tote

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Waxed Canvas Greenmarket Tote
For trips to the gym, beach, wine shop, hauling tools
53T02.06 Waxed Canvas Greenmarket Tote

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This Universal Tote is made for Garrett Wade from the same heavy-duty, military-grade waxed canvas as our Log Carrier – the highest grade #10 canvas (sometimes called Wagon-Cover grade). It is treated the old fashioned way, with paraffin wax to produce a waterproof, rot proof and completely reliable material that’s hard to wear out. This is a heavy-weight Tote with durable cotton handles, that will carry all the goods from your Saturday morning trip to the greenmarket. Or, pack your change of clothes on trips to the gym or beach, carry tools on roving jobs around the house, or use it to hold your laptop as you travel to and from work.

The double-canvas bottom will stand up to sharp edges or weighty wine bottles. A zippered skirt at the top keeps out the elements. The straps are long enough to carry over the shoulder, but not too long that they will drag the ground if you prefer to carry at your side. 14" tall. Approximately 11" wide and 6½" deep.

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  • A lot of great, a little of not so

    David Horwitz, 12/25/2020 I purchased three of these bags on December 7, 2020. These are the best designed market bags available. They approximate a large paper grocery bag. Unlike many other canvas bags, these will stand up on their own for ease of packing, although the zippered skirt does make the top opening smaller. The bag is VERY sturdy. I tested one bag with 50 lbs. of barbell plates. The fabric did not stretch anywhere and there was no sound of stress from the seams. The bag is constructed with two layers on the bottom and lower quarter. Unless you drag this bag on concrete for extended periods of time, the bottom will likely never wear out. The canvas is heavy weight and water repellent. I poured water on the outside of the bag and it beaded up and rolled off. It is important to note that waxed canvass should not be cared for like other fabrics. Clean only by brushing with stiff bristles and, if necessary, a little plain water. If you run it through a washing machine or use soap and detergent, you will wash out the paraffin treatment and the bag will no longer be water and soil repellent. However, should the fabric gets so soiled that you must wash, you can purchase cans of waxed cloth treatment and retreat it. However, the bag is not waterproof as the zippered skirt is not made of canvas and not treated. The zippered skirt is a great innovation. It will keep the bag closed to prevent unwanted things from falling into the bag and it will keep the contents from spilling out if the bag falls over. The zipper is self-healing. You can carry the bag on your shoulder when it is empty, but you won't be able to do that when it is full. It is very compact when folded flat for carrying or storage. You may wish to improve the bag by making a wooden floor for the bottom out of one-quarter inch plywood (edge and corners rounded), as it will keep the bag from sagging. Also, though it may seem redundant, I put in a plastic bag to contain leaks so the the canvas won't get soiled. Here is the "not so good:" The workmanship and quality control with respect to the seams is not the high quality that it should be. I opened the bag and looked inside while holding it up to the light. About one-third of the seams were not tight, i.e. the canvas edges were not touching each other and the threads were exposed. Loose seams are at a greater risk of failing because the canvas, which is rough, will abrade the thread. Garrett Wade. you need to have your QC person do a better job. That's why the product is only 4-star, not 5-star. Even so, I'm glad I purchased these and I recommend them. Not only are they the best bags, they are also a very good value for the cost. If purchased on sale, they are a bargain. Thank you Garrett Wade for offering another worthy product.
  • Very well made.

    John, 11/21/2020 I got sick of cheap plastic grocery bags ripping apart halfway to the house from the car so I got this bag to carry the heavier stuff. There's no chance of this one falling apart from heavy groceries or items with sharp corners.
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