Three-Position Hedge Shear

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New Three-Position Hedge Shear
with long shaft, this doubles as a grass clipper 
11G12.22 Three-Position Hedge Shear

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This is a great back-saving garden tool for anyone with high hedges that need periodic trimming, or even just wants a non-electric, old-school grass clipper to trim the grass (post mowing) around your walkway, driveway, or patio. It swivels 180˚ both horizontally and vertically, and the 6" steel blades work with a trigger mechanism. You can comfortably work overhead, sideways, or on the ground, while saving you the trouble of bending. The aluminum shaft is 36", giving you an extra three feet to work overhead on your taller hedges. A blade lock allows you to store this with the blades closed, for safety and to keep the steel edges sharp.

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