45th Anniversary Youth Hatchet

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New 45th Anniversary Youth Hatchet
an unusually long handle makes this easy to swing
54A03.38 45th Anniversary Youth Hatchet

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This new hatchet is terrific around the house or the campsite, and comes with our 45th Anniversary “vintage plane” logo laser-etched onto the USA hickory handle. The steel head is the same as our popular Yankee Hatchet, but at a generous 27", the handle is much longer, so it provides additional momentum when chopping kindling, splitting small log rounds, or clearing brush. The head is secured with a Beech wedge and a steel ring. The bright red on the handle end makes it easy to spot on the ground. Made to our specifications in Germany by a well-known foundry.

Specs: Weight: 2¼ lbs.; Handle: 27" long, Head: 3.5" x 5.5"

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