5-Tine Hand Rake and Mini Hoe/2 Prong Grubber

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Bestseller 5-Tine Hand Rake and Mini Hoe/2 Prong Grubber
Terrific pair of close-work gardening tools
69A01.29 5-Tine Hand Rake

Available 01/20/2021


54A03.05 Mini Hoe & 2-Prong Grubber

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69A01.60 Hand Rake & Grubber Set

Available 04/15/2021

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This pair of elegant tools are perfect for when you’re on the ground, moving dirt and plant matter around. The 5 Tine Hand Rake is made by a Dewit, a respected Dutch blacksmith company whose tools we offer in a wide range. Lightweight, well-shaped Ash handle and 5 very sharp Carbon Steel teeth. The Mini Hoe/2-Prong Grubber is a great 2-in-1 tool that excels at grabbing, digging, and spreading earth and other material. One side of the Carbon Steel head features a formidably solid hoe blade, while the grubber side has broad double-pronged teeth – both sides will cut through and move the tough stuff with ease. Handle is solid Ash.

Hand Rake: 13 ½” long, Handle 5 ½”, Teeth 2” long
Mini Hoe/Grubber: 18” long, Blade 4 x 4”

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Overall Rating
  • Five Tine Hand Rake

    Lisa Kay, 12/13/2020 So very pleased with my item....I’ve looked for one near me but do not like any of them....yours was the one I selected! Feels so light, so sturdy and so very useful! Love it! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you all!
  • Rake

    Sarah, 6/14/2020 Great tool
  • Mini Hoe & 2-Prong Grubber

    kathy, 6/1/2020 A sturdy, aggressive tool. We have stones, and in between the stones a heavy clay soil. Paired with the Portable Bench & Kneeler, the Mini Hoe/2 Prong Grubber made digging up previously uncultivated soil a manageable task.
  • Mini hoe/grubber- NICE

    Deborah Adams-Jehl , 5/1/2020 It's a nice weight and well balanced so it's easy to use, not too heavy for your hand and wrist and works well in smaller spaces as well!!!
  • If you garden, you need this tool

    Carol Rothfuss, 4/27/2020 One of the best garden tools I’ve ever used. I weeded and broke up the soil in my large flower garden in record time. I was afraid the tool would be heavy and it is not. It makes short work of the wild garlic that grows deep and in large clumps.
  • The Tale of the Onion and the Hand Rake

    Cindy, 4/26/2020 I spent my “shelter at home” weekend attempting to clear Onion Grass from my mulch beds. This hand digger excels in damp soil digging down to the bulbs. Now - chances of not still having onion grass 0% (no way did I get them all). Chances of using this tool for every other little gardening weed - 100%. I have waged war on my Onion grass... and have won the battle - but the war will continue after the rains cease their relentless fury.
  • Outstanding Purchase

    James Coggins, 4/24/2020 The mini hoe & 2-prong grubber was only my second purchase from GW. New to gardening, I wasn't quite sure what tool I needed to do the job, or what was a fair price to pay for it. I just purchased the stainless steel garden hose and i loved it, so i thought i would give the mini hoe a try. My project was the removal and transplanting of Monkey Grass and I initially started with a regular pointed shovel but the work was slow going. Once I received my Mini hoe, i was able to blast through the project. The hoe is light weight enough, but has a sharp edge for cutting through the plant. I could not be more pleased with this tool and the price i paid for it.
  • Five time hand rake

    Dianne M Stellpflug , 4/18/2020 I like the tool...only negative is the weight, I thought it would be a little heavier.
  • serious digging even while sitting

    Nancy, 1/28/2020 The mini hoe and grubber is a great tool. I cannot use a heavy-duty hoe in a standing position for long due to bad knees. The handle on this tool is the perfect length to use in a sitting position without neck strain. I had a mound of heavy soil that was riddled with blackberry canes and honeysuckle runners. After trying every tool I already had on that mess I was about ready to pour concrete over the whole thing. I used the hoe side to break up the soil, the grubber to dig out the roots, then turned it on its side to level the area.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2020 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Nancy!!
  • Perfect Choice

    Arlene , 4/27/2019 I received my 5-tine hand rake and my mini hoe 2-prong grubber, in the morning was out in my garden in the afternoon. They made my job of gardening so much easier. I have had both my shoulders replaced and unfortunately there is weakness and some limitations. But I found these high quality tools made my job so much easier. The length of them works well with my T- Rex arms! Lol I will be ordering some other tools. Plus my younger son was very interested in many of the other fine tools you offer.
  • Great tool

    Judy Blair, 4/23/2019 The mini hoe/ 2 prong grubber is a great tool. Perfect for th small area I have. It is very sturdy and well made. I love it.
  • Standing up!

    James A. Ruggiero, 12/15/2018 Great tool, really well made and will certainly stand up the hard clay in our yard
  • Cool Tool

    Dana Churchel, 5/7/2018 Solid well built and very handy for many uses.
  • Versatile rake

    Paul , 4/6/2018 The rake is a great combination tool for weeding and raking. Valuable in tight spaces. Didn't yet buy the mini hoe.
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