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Sale Pro 50 Pc Mini HSS Drill Set
Multiple copies of more fragile small sizes
05R09.01 Pro 50 Pc Mini HSS Drill Set

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Customers have long signaled their desire to have multiple copies of the most useful drill bit sizes available - in case one breaks, goes dull or gets lost. Our 170 and 230 piece special sets provide that. However, for the first time, we have very small twist drill sizes too. This useful set includes 10 each of 5 HSS mini drill sizes - 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64 & 1/8". Imported. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Small drill bits with plenty of spares

    John M, 6/21/2020 Worked fine for my small project repairing a speaker cabinet. I just needed them to drill pilot holes. I'm glad to have plenty of bits in case one breaks, but I wish I had double-checked the sizes first--I thought there were more sizes in the box. It only goes from 1/16" to 1/8"
    I suspect they are made in China, and the packaging is more serviceable than professional because the lid hits the longer bits when slid in place. I'm happy they were on sale when I got them.
  • Handy

    Tracey , 4/26/2020 Perfect addition to my tool set, nice to have extras.
  • Mini hss drill bits

    Charles, 7/18/2019 I should have enough of these sizes to last me a while. Look forward to drilling with them and trying them out. Just received them this past week.
  • Great to have

    Lynn, 4/28/2019 Solves the age-old problem of having all the small bits break. Handiest thing I've seen in a long time.
  • Saves me money

    Larry Austin, 3/30/2019 I was very happy to see these small drill bits in the catalog. I break many small bits. They are expensive to replace, and so often I wind up buying a set of bits I don't need to have the couple I do need. This collection will save me a lot of money.
  • Versatile

    Karen Saporito, 12/3/2018 Extremely versatile and we'll made. So many sizes to choose from. Good for beginners and advanced workers.
  • Great value

    Pete, 11/8/2018 Great deal on the sizes that get broken most often. Especially since they were in a 2 for 1 sale! Bought 2 so I could have one in my shop and another our cottage.
  • Great Idea

    Dave O, 11/3/2018 Great idea. These are the sizes of bits that I'm always in need of or out of. Great addition to the workshop.
  • Perfect Replacement Drills!!!

    David Batts, 5/9/2018 With extras like these I will not hesitate to use any of my small drills now that I have extras.

    Angel Knap, 4/29/2017 We purchased a 50 PC. HSS Mini Drill Set and we are very happy with the set. Very durable. We are using set to make jewelry. The price was right! Thanks again, Angel K.
  • Great Addition to a Rotary Tool Kit

    Mark A., 4/24/2017 Inexpensive but appear to be well made
  • Mini drill bits

    Sean McKinley, 1/2/2013 Ordered two sets for my adult sons a while ago. My oldest sent his Christmas wish list around and they were on the top. Both loved them.
  • Perfect Replacements

    Eric Kalin, 2/13/2011 It was easy to see that I need these; I just looked at the drill bits I had multiples of. I had multiples of the bigger bits because they don't break as easily. Now I don't even hesitate to use the right small drill bit for fear of breaking my last one.
  • As advertised

    Leo W, 12/27/2010 Great deal on something I've been meaning to get. These drills are those sizes I most often use, and break/wear out. Look to be of good quality.
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