50 Things to do With a Penknife

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50 Things to do With a Penknife
From Whistles to Walking Sticks, and everything in between
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47A01.05 50 Things to do With a Penknife

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This handy and informative little book will walk you through the basics of knife selection and safety, and ease you smoothly into the first stages of carving: from things as simple as a doorstop or a wine cork business card holder, to birdhouses and even tree grafting. Chock full of charming hand-drawn illustrations that clearly show the steps and emphasize the tactile nature of knife use, all in a down-to-earth style that keeps it all very approachable for beginners.

If you’ve never whittled, this is a great place to start, and if you’ve got a little experience under your belt, this book may still teach you a thing or two. Divided into eight thematic sections including Quick Things, Around the House, Cork Creations, and Into the Woods, with a range of skill levels and materials. Just in time for the holiday season, this is a terrific gift for a young carver or a retiree—really, any age in between will find something of value in it.

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