USA Made 500W Hand Held Vacuum

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USA Made 500W Hand Held Vacuum
Most powerful available for its size
Made in the USA
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Most portable vacuums simply lack the power to do a good job cleaning up the truck cab after work. Or the family car after a trip to the beach. For the tough jobs, we often forget about convenience and drag out the shop vac, which isn't exactly portable. But no more - at less than 3 pounds and producing an impressive 60" of sealed suction lift, the 500W Hand Held Vacuum/Blower is the most powerful portable we have seen, and with a overall length of 16", its handy enough to use just about anywhere - car, boat, cubicle at work, even your workbench top.

NOTE: The Hand Held Vacuum/Blower in the March 2009 catalog is not the model Garrett Wade is offering. The Vacuum/Blower described and pictured here is instead being offered for the same low price. We apologize for any confusion.

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The power derives from the vacuum/blower's uniquely designed single-stage fan enclosed (3/4 hp) motor that generates 70 CFM of air flow while drawing only 4.5 amps and producing just a 75-85 dB noise level - very quite for a vacuum this robust. The All-Steel construction and black Powder-Coat finish make it tough enough to use every day, all day long, whenever you need it. You can even flip it around and use it as a blower for those quick cleanups. In short - there just is no longer a good excuse to leave things a mess.

Includes a 20" extension wand, 19" flexible hose, crevice tool, dust brush, upholstery nozzle, high-pressure blower nozzle (great for machine clean-up), 12' power cord, shoulder strap and 5 extra 2-ply Disposable Bags. (Extra bags are available). Made in the USA.

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  • Lots of power

    Dean Dowling, 12/7/2016 This has a lot of power in a small package, and it will do the job my wife wanted it for--mainly tough jobs with the crevice tool between carpet and walls. Some of the reviews mention a short cord, and it isn't terribly long but long enough. (If you need it longer, use an extension cord!) The wand extension is likewise a bit short, but we have another hand-held vacuum with a very long wand that works with this as well. The other vacuum has half the suction power of this little guy. I also used it to blow out our dryer vent (and suck up lint I could reach). So overall, it earns the five stars. My main suggestion would be some hooks for winding the cord, and that could be an easy addition to future models.
  • Totally Inadequate Toy

    Al Hamilton, 1/30/2012 From the catalog Most portable vacuums simply lack power" quite right, including this one. I am not sure what this toy is supposed to be for, sucking the cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling perhaps? No, the tube is too short to reach without lifting the canister to shoulder height. Sucking dust from corners of the floor then? No, not without bending down. How much does flexible tube like that cost pennies a foot?

    The on/off switch is it isn't anywhere near where a switch might be expected, and is not even a contrasting color to help find it. Construction of the canister is robust but the connection between tube & hose is inadequate coming disconnected under the slightest tension. Length of power cord is far too short meaning you have to shift plugs three or four times to deal with he average room.

    Definitely not worth the money and a poor advertisement for American-made products. I have rated this product a 1, but only because the site does not accept zero.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The 500W Hand Held Vacuum has a 3/4 hp fan motor producing 70CFM of air flow while drawing only 4.5 amps. The Hand Held Vacuum has demonstrated over time that its power, suction and hose length is well suited for its intended purpose - handy efficient clean up of auto, truck cab and bench top. If the Vacuum is not performing as intended, or is not suited for your needs, we will of course exchange the item or refund your purchase, with our apologies that it has not met with your satisfaction."
  • Great for home dusting

    Gumby , 3/10/2011 Just exactly what I need!! it gets so dusty indoors that my regular vacuum canister with hose cant reach high enough for shelf dusting etc as well as too bulky and bumping along.. This hand held vacuum is a snap as I dust all kinds of surfaces . I add a special net in the dust brush to prevent it from swallowing screws, coins, whatnots as I dust about.. I can breath a lot easier!! Well worth the investment!!! Why those dust busters don't come with hose and dust brush doesn't make sense!! I must have a hose and brush to really dust it off!
  • Great Car Vac

    Frankie, 4/5/2009 I really great vac for cleaning your car. Comes with tons of accessories.
  • Hand Held Vac

    Alan Schoen, 4/5/2009 Great Product. Very strong and small enough to get into small places. Also it comes with a flexible hose which makes it able to get in tight spots.
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