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60 Silicone Strap Kit
$ 48.95

“Silicone Rubber” is a manufactured “elastomer” (rubber-like material) composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Although it provides many of the same functions that rubber does, it has many special advantages. Most important, it is more “stretchy” – i.e. it will stretch further and it does not lose strength at the stretched-extremes. Also, it is inherently stronger for the same crosssection, has great resistance to heat, is unaffected by UV light so it will maintain its elasticity over time, and you can write on it with a Sharpie pen. Taken in the aggregate, this is a big deal.

Our Silicone Strap Kit has a total of 60 pieces. Three sizes of straps (5 pieces of 6" strap, 20 pieces of 9", and 5 pieces of 12" – making 30 regular flat straps and 30 cross-band straps. Each of the 6 groups is a different color (light blue, black, red, orange, green, and blue). (The size is the length, not the circumference which is double the length.) With little effort, the straps will stretch to three times their nominal length. We still carry the rubber crossband straps (37D01.01) on our website but feel that this silicone rubber kit now provides a much greater value. Highly recommended.

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