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Clearance 6X Folding Desk Loupe
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56M01.01 6X Folding Desk Loupe

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A small desk magnifier is always very helpful, for examining documents or photographs, or just for reading that devilishly small type. This one is in the "printer's style" - a compact folding loupe that you can even carry around in your pocket without fear of damage. It can also lie in your desk drawer safely. It's very handy to have available when you need the help.

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  • A clever little gadget

    Gregory Mead, 9/21/2019 I like gadgets, and this is a nice one. It's got a very good lens in it, and a 1" x 1" grid. It's heavy enough to stay in place when you put it down. And it folds up into a nice, compact package less than an inch thick, that protects the lens. The only reason that I don't give 5 stars is that there's a (kind of interesting, actually) pointer along one side that you can scroll with a turnable screw. I just can't imagine how it's in any way useful.
  • Sturdy & handy loupe

    Su Ellen, 10/4/2018 This is very handy. It is mostly metal, (except for the lens, of course) so it is quite sturdy. It is designed to stand up, so it can be used hands-free. The optics are sharp enough for me to use it to repair small items (such as small parts on my archery gear.) It folds flat & compact, but did not include ny kind of storage case. Since I am likely to travel with it, I wish it had a case, to protect the lens.
  • Seeing is believing

    Ecat, 2/23/2018 This desk loupe is a very satisfying piece of work -- very sturdy and well-made, perfect for checking little details like worn serial numbers. That it folds so easily and neatly is a definite plus because in that status it is protected from damage and readily fits in a pocket to take to an auction or flea market.
  • Folding Loupe

    Mark C., 9/26/2016 Very Nicely made. Smaller than I would have thought but completely usable as a standing magnifier in contrast to a jeweler's loupe which typically has to be hand held.
  • Folding Magnifier Loop

    Cathy, 10/7/2015 I am impressed by the quality of this loop. The metal construction makes it feel very sturdy and the markings and adjustable pointer help to see or mark imperfections. Overall just what I was looking for and affordable.
  • Mr

    Kevin Nyberg, 2/25/2015 A gem, very well built, high magnification for small things that old eyes have trouble seeing. Fine print is made bold and very readable, If your doing any work where a larger image would be valuable. This is your ticket and a valuable asset.
  • Superb!

    Harry, 8/19/2014 I was given one of these as a gift when I mentioned the difficulty I had holding small objects, a magnifier, AND a tool. I'm a gunsmith and these are one of those silly little things that have become indispensable! I can take it with me, unlike a large magnifier lamp. When I'm trying to read a proofmark on an antique weapon, checking for cracks on a small part, or just want to make sure I can read a serial number correctly, THIS is my go-to item. Seriously, you just can't do better for the price! My advise, buy two, 'cause you'll have to share if you buy one! Everyone who sees mine wants it!
  • See Everything

    Christopher Mc Manus, 8/14/2014 Nice item just a little to small.
  • 6X Power Magnifier

    Gary, 8/25/2010 Used it first day I got it. Since I need glasses for close up work the 6X came in real handy. It's solid so it is a bit heavy, but it's small so it should last.
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