8" Multi-Function Scissors

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Sale 8" Multi-Function Scissors
Astonishingly precise to handle
18A09.01 8" Multi-Function Scissors

Available 05/10/2021

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These scissors have heavy-duty blades but are fully capable of very delicate work. This pair easily cuts problematic materials like non-ferrous sheet goods, wire mesh, leather, and the stiff plastics that are commonly encountered. They'll do many jobs, but their best feature is how precisely they allow you to work. They have a remarkable balance of power and control. The comfortable handles provide lots of leverage. Very nice design details.

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Overall Rating
  • Very sharp, amazing scissors

    Steve, 10/12/2019 These scissors are amazing. Very sharp and are great in the kitchen and shop. Excellent value for the price.
  • Great shop scissors

    john g, 10/5/2019 Especially as a free gift during a $100+ promo, I’m very happy with these. Although I can’t speak to long term durability yet, these are very tough shop scissors with a nice stiff spring for return action. Even at normal price I’d be very happy with these.
  • works great!

    Mike Seykoski, 2/17/2019 Excellent quality product. It cuts wire mesh and thin aluminum sheeting with ease. It's very controllable and comfortable in the hand.
  • Universal scissors

    Cliff, 5/8/2018 When you need to cut, you go get the correct scissors. These do it all. Fine material to heavy vacuum extruded packaging. Universal, quality and ergonomic.
  • Awesome workshop scissors

    Bloodyknuckles, 5/8/2018 Cuts tough stuff with power, cuts delicate stuff with precision. Good tool, good value. Buy two because someone will walk off with your pair.
  • Best scissors!!

    Mike, 12/15/2017 Best scissors I've ever owned. Worth every penny. Couldn't be more pleased!
  • My Go To scissors.

    BTGest, 10/28/2016 Just as I had hoped. Strong, sharp, and precision made. I'm sure I will find many uses for these. From the hard to cut to the delicate item.
  • Great Shears

    William Helm, 9/9/2016 Great Shears! very sharp and very strong! The spring loaded handle seals the deal.
  • Multi use scissors

    Thomas M. Kidder, 8/21/2016 We own 2 of these shears. We, too, wanted a tool we could use to liberate items from those hellish plastic casings without lacerating our fingers. These shears are also useful for more delicate jobs. In the kitchen we use them for cutting poultry bones .Good leverage, comfortable in the hand.
  • Excellent Shears

    William, 7/16/2016 These shears cut everything I can throw at them. They are spring loaded so they open themselves for easy cutting. Best purchase to date from GarretWade!
  • Best Scissors Ever

    Howard D. Richardson, 6/17/2016 I could hardly wait to get these scissors for my shop based on the promotion by Garret Wade. They are every bit as good as GW said. I am really enjoying using them. Even my wife likes them. A definite recommendation to buy
  • Great quality

    David Nunez, 4/12/2016 Used it as soon as I got it. Great product for my needs.
  • High Quality and Durability

    Thomas M. Kidder, 3/24/2016 Like every other tool I've bought from Garrett Wade, this scissors is high quality, will last many years. I, too, bought it mainly for opening those fiendish plastic-encased items that knives and other scissors can't cut. I've never been disappointed with any items purchased from Garrett Wade.
  • Sturdy, multi-use scissors

    p.smith, 3/4/2016 I bought these primarily to allow me to cut through the heavy plastic cases that seem to be around so many products I buy these days. They do a good job, feel comfortable and fit my hand well. They're also a good value.
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