9-1/2" Replaceable Ryoba Saw

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9-1/2" Replaceable Ryoba Saw
49I02.02 9-1/2" Replaceable Ryoba Saw

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49I02.03 9-1/2 In. Blade Only

In stock


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A traditional Japanese ryoba saw has teeth along both edges of the blade - one side for crosscutting, the other for rip cuts. Our Ryoba comes with a 9-1/2" replaceable blade that tapers to 3" wide. The crosscut edge has 15 tpi to produce a fine, smooth cut. The rip edge teeth increase in size and spacing from heel to toe - 10 tpi to 7 tpi. The most versatile & functional of the traditional Japanese saws. Overall length, 22-1/2"; weight 6-1/2 oz.

Western craftsmen have long been fascinated by the great skill of the Japanese master joiner, cabinet maker and carpenter. In part, this skill derives from the design and usage of their tools. In particular, the Japanese Hand Saw is completely different from traditional Western saws.

Because the saw cuts on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, with bowing eliminated. The blade is made from much thinner steel to produce a much finer kerf, with the set of the teeth minimized. The satisfying result is far greater control of the cut.

Sold separately and as part of the Set of 4 Japanese Saws.

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Overall Rating
  • Ryoba saw.

    Charles Wood , 11/21/2018 The best Ryoba saw ever! My old one lasted over 20 years,great for all types of cuts,with great results!
  • Great Utility Saw

    Jim E King, 2/24/2017 Great utility saw... Had one but lost it in my most recent move... glad to have one back in my arsenal of saws
  • Japanese set of saws

    Bonnie brinkley, 11/25/2016 In my retirement I have taken up small woodworking projects. With arthritis in my hands, some tools are hard to use. I find the Japanese saws easier to hold and they cut with less effort.
  • Fantastic Saw!

    Margaret Kelly, 10/24/2016 Was delighted to find that you had this saw. Had one once, but it was stolen. The saw is now in use and I couldn't be happier. Such a wonderful saw!
  • Bazinga...

    Brian, 4/10/2016 This saw was purchased as a set of 4 and by far is my favorite of the bunch. Awesome for both rip and cross cuts. You won't be disappointed with this saw.
  • Great Saws with a replacement option that most Japanese saws do not have.

    Tom, 3/4/2016 This is the second Ryoba I have owned, the first one would still be in service after probably 30 years of moderate use but I happened to hit a hidden nail on a cross cut and the result almost brought tears to my eyes! This new replaceable blade Ryoba has a different set of teeth on each side but they are much finer both for the crosscut side and particularly for the rip side. I will see how this affects the cutting speed and finish. I bought this saw over a few others because of the option to replace the blade if needed, my old Ryoba was tanged and permanently mounted into a bamboo handle with some plastic lacing tightly wound around the entire handle. This was not practical to replace such a blade, so I will search for a method to sharpen the fine teeth on this old blade and see if I can bring it back to life.
  • New favorite tool!!!

    Derek, 3/4/2016 WHERE HAS THIS SAW BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!! This was my first time using the Japanese saw and it has inspired me to do so much more. this is also my first time ordering from Garrett Wade; and let me say I have definitely found my source for all my tool chest filler! Thanks Garrett Wade.
  • Replacement Blade

    Charles, 5/10/2015 I was unable to locate a trustworthy replacement blade anywhere else. I decided to buy a second one, I am so happy with it. Thank you for making this available from you. By the way, I bought my first and still functioning table saw, the Inca 10, from your original store in 1975. You continue to carry great products."
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