9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver Special

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Sale 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver Special
96A01.99 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver Special

Available 03/15/2021

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This nice little pen-shaped tool, with an aluminum alloy body, clips onto a shirt pocket so it’s always at the ready. Comes with 9 removable bits that pop in and out easily, and are held in via magnet. The top of the pen unscrews to reveal storage for the bits: 3 Slot (2, 3, & 3.5mm; 3 Phillips (#00, 0, & 1), and 3 Torx (T6, 8, & 10).

How many times do we get caught away from our tool box and need to do a quick tightening on a small fastener? Certainly more times than we’d like. Solve the problem with this terrific and handy little tool. Makes a great gift for a handy friend, and it’s very inexpensive.

Dimensions: 5” L Overall (with bit installed)

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Overall Rating
  • Well constructed pocket tool

    Bob , 9/30/2019 Handy well constructed pen-sized pocket tool. Purchased one for myself and three others as Christmas stocking-stuffers for our sons.
  • great

    Michele Siegfried, 12/29/2018 Stocking gift,all recipients liked and appreciated it.
  • Handy to Have

    Michael, 7/23/2018 It gets five stars for what it is, and what I paid for it on sale. It's a handy tool to have that will fit right in any pocket. It will definitely suffice for any small jobs, and the magnet does hold the bits in place well enough. If you think you're going to need it though select your bit ahead of time. If you're in the middle of something trying to get the bits out of the end, not lose them, and get it onto the head has potential to go bad if you only have one free hand. For what I paid for it I can't think of any reason not to have one though.
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