9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver

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Sale 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver
Handy pocket tightening tool
96A01.01 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver

Available 03/15/2021


96A01.10 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver (3)

Available 03/15/2021

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This nice little pen-shaped tool, with an aluminum alloy body, clips onto a shirt pocket so it’s always at the ready. Comes with 9 removable bits that pop in and out easily, and are held in via magnet. The top of the pen unscrews to reveal storage for the bits: 3 Slot (2, 3, & 3.5mm; 3 Phillips (#00, 0, & 1), and 3 Torx (T6, 8, & 10).

How many times do we get caught away from our tool box and need to do a quick tightening on a small fastener? Certainly more times than we’d like. Solve the problem with this terrific and handy little tool. Makes a great gift for a handy friend, and it’s very inexpensive.

Dimensions: 5” L Overall (with bit installed)

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Overall Rating
  • Best of the breed

    David Horwitz, 12/24/2020 I ordered this on November 30, 2020. This is the only pocket screwdriver I've seen or purchased (I own two other brands) that comes with and holds nine bits. The tool body is very well machined, sturdy, and nicely finished. The cap unscrews easily, but I recommend an extremely thin coating of silicone grease on the threads- it will make the cap glide on and off. Also, find an o-ring, the type used in plumbing fixtures, that will fit inside the cap and push it to the bottom of the cap. You have now made the tool waterproof. The knurling on the body is not aggressive, but is sufficient to maintain a good grip when driving and drawing screws. Another reviewer noted that it can be tricky to get all the fasteners out and back in the pen. A little practice will make it easy to load and unload it. However, the magnetic tip does hold three of the bits firmly in place inside the body and you will need to tap the body against your hand or a surface to pop them out. The bit tips are properly formed. The shafts are the 4 mm standard, which means that you can buy other tip types and customize the assortment you carry, or replace a bit if you break or lose one. The tips are not magnetized, but when held in place by the tool magnet, they transfer enough magnetic force to pick up a paper clip or a very tiny screw. If you need more magnetic force, you can place a mini rare earth magnet on the exposed bit shaft. Overall, this is the best of the breed of this tool on the market.
  • Handy little tool

    Virginia , 11/20/2020 I bought this to use with small electronic devices etc. It is well made and has the most common bits stored in the barrel. It is the storage method that dropped this from a 5 to a 4 rating. To find the bit you want to use, it is necessary to empty them all out-easy to misplace one or more!. When you are finished, it can take some time to fit them back in! Overall tho it is a handy little tool to have.
  • EDC screwdriver

    Steven Jacobson, 7/28/2020 I bought this on a whim and found that I need several more. It’s perfect to keep in the car, desk at work, a kitchen drawer or your pocket. Great little tool
  • 9 in 1 pen screw driver

    Keith R, 6/15/2020 Bought 6 for give-always to my son-in-laws. They really liked them for working on small electronics.
  • Mini Me

    Tony, 4/15/2020 Great little tool! Compacted yet loaded. This is great for not only small electric components, but for glasses, tools, fishing reels, etc. Ones going into the tackle box, the other into my office supply/fix drawer.
  • Best little Screwdriver

    Jerry Bowie, 12/28/2018 I bought 6 as stocking stuffers and they were such a big hit that I have to buy 6 more because the wives of the men that I gave them to said they wanted one also!!
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