9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver

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Sale 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver
Handy pocket tightening tool
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96A01.01 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver

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96A01.10 9-in-1 Pen Screwdriver (3)

In stock

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This nice little pen-shaped tool, with an aluminum alloy body, clips onto a shirt pocket so it’s always at the ready. Comes with 9 removable bits that pop in and out easily, and are held in via magnet. The top of the pen unscrews to reveal storage for the bits: 3 Slot (2, 3, & 3.5mm; 3 Phillips (#00, 0, & 1), and 3 Torx (T6, 8, & 10).

How many times do we get caught away from our tool box and need to do a quick tightening on a small fastener? Certainly more times than we’d like. Solve the problem with this terrific and handy little tool. Makes a great gift for a handy friend, and it’s very inexpensive.

Dimensions: 5” L Overall (with bit installed)
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