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A Beneficial Bat Box
$ 52.5
Provide a safe, natural roosting space for bats with the Beneficial Bat Box. Made of a environmentally sound mixture of concrete, wood and clay that will not rot, leak, crack or warp - lasting 25+ years. Breathable and colored black to attract heat, the box mimics natural nest and roost sites, with a rough interior well suited for climbing and clinging. Simply hang the Bat Box by its aluminum hanger 10-20 feet off the ground in a tree or on a building facing south-southeast.

Changes in the environment and shifting weather patterns have caused insects and the diseases they carry to present new threats every year. Along with spiders and birds, bats are among nature’s most voracious insect predators and so play a vital role in the biological control of these potentially dangerous insect pests. As a natural alternative to spraying harmful (not to mention stinky and annoying) pesticides, bats contribute to our good health as well as the environment.

Yet, despite such tremendous benefits to man, bats, much like honey bees, have become endangered in many locations. The survival and well-being of these critical creatures increasingly depends on wide-scale, grass-roots conservation efforts, and there is no better way to participate in these efforts than to provide a safe, natural habitat like the beneficial Bat Box. And there’s simply no better way to keep the summer night air free of flying irritation.

H 13”
D 6-1/4”
W 8-3/4 lb.
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