A Complete Set of Modeler’s & Jeweler’s Tools

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New A Complete Set of Modeler’s & Jeweler’s Tools
headband magnifier + set of 22 crafting tools
19R05.01 Headband Magnifier

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19R05.10 A Complete Set of Modeler’s & Jeweler’s Tools

Available 03/15/2020

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88H04.04 Master-Select Crafts Tool Set

Available 03/15/2020


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Prepare for close-up crafting with this Set of handy crafting tools. A Headband Magnifier is the best solution for hands-free, close work as an artist, modeler, or craftsman. The comfortable headband has focused lights on both sides and three sets of fitted lenses: fixed double lenses; fold-up dual lenses that move on a hinge; and an outside rotating single-eye loupe. Magnification from 1.8x to 4.8x; 4 AAA batteries, not included.

The Set of 22 craft tools is filled with a hugely useful, large variety of special tools for smaller scale crafting; locking straight and bent gripping tweezers, a jeweler’s Chasing Hammer, push/pull “Archimedes” Drills (with 2 packs of tiny drill bits), a 10X Loupe, Wire Nippers, a Mold to bend and precisely shape wire, a Special Clamp to securely grip perimeters of round and multi-sided objects from 3/8 to 2½" in size, and much more. All in a fitted zippered storage case. Buy Both & Save.

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