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Perfect for repositioning a small piece
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Fundamentally, these are dental-style tools with a huge variety of ends, and their compelling benefit is that this variety allows you to tackle virtually any task that requires carefully moving (or removing) very small metal, plastic, paper, or wood pieces. These are very inexpensive-less then $1.25 each, and even less if you spring for two sets (buy one for a colleague). You'll be very glad you have them available in your tool drawer.

Made In India.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice picks for the picky

    Cabink, 5/18/2020 Great value for a solid set of little tools. Knurling a little rough but otherwise very easy to hold and clean points/edges.
  • SS Picks & Probes

    Tony, 4/13/2020 This set was purchased for my daughter who is working on her Masters program in Marine Biology. Her professor has her working on the dissecting & study of small bones in the head of fish. This assortment of tools allows her to cut,probe, separate, etc. w/ ease & precision. They are excellently made as well & being SS can be sterilized in the tool autoclave. I personally think her professor will be jealous of these!
  • Picks and Probes

    Tess W, 12/15/2019 I've been using this so far for prepping surfaces for glue-up --scraping away old glue on for repairs and roughing up smooth surfaces. They work well, get into tight spaces, and are nice I the hand. I am sure I will find more uses for them in the future
  • Picks & Probes

    Daniel Martinez, 8/3/2019 This is a well-made tool set that comes in handy for many odd tasks. The only shame is that it took me so very long to 'discover' it. Don't tell anyone, but some of the picks are very good for work on toenail maintenance too.
  • Good tool, Good Price

    William J Morgan, 5/9/2019 Product was exactly as described and fit my needs to a "T". Ideal for sculpting.
  • Picks and Probes

    Jim , 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Picks

    Kevin d fields, 4/11/2019 Well made
  • Did not know they were far carving.

    Michael, 3/3/2019 Very High Quality, Good for detail work.
  • Good for glue squeeze out.

    Walter, 2/15/2019 These picks are the best thing for removing glue from scroll saw projects.
  • picks

    tony, 1/21/2019 great for small to techincal jobs
  • Great

    Fred Spagna, 1/19/2019 High quality. Work well.
  • Picky

    Mark Corrigan, 1/14/2019 I’m pretty picky and these are just right when nothing else works.
  • Few Picks

    Dr. JAMES G HANNOOSH, 12/28/2018 Only 2 true 'picks' here. The remainder are fairly useless IMO.
  • Picks and probes

    Charles Lloyd. , 12/28/2018 Garrett Wade is unique in offering high quality tools for a miriad of different applications. A one stop shop for creative applications
  • A Dozen Picks and Probes

    Lisa Bradford, 12/8/2018 This is a Christmas gift for my husband and although I will not have any need to use them, he exclaimed that he would love having them as he never knew when they would come in handy as he's always working on woodworking or metal projects. Who knows, they might even come in handy for me to use as well.
  • All Purpose Picks Points & Probes

    Joan G., 11/16/2018 So glad I found these little tools, I bought two sets so I can share. They're indispensable for so many tasks I do, well made and very strong, with many shapes that can be used for prying, pushing, probing, carving, scraping and cutting. They're generously sized, so I cut a few in half with a jeweler's saw & ground the back edges smooth, allowing me to stow them in smaller spaces for certain tasks, while still having a sufficient handle. Never seen these sold anywhere else, and have been wanting some for years!
  • Picks and Probes

    Rodney , 11/12/2018 What a perfect value and bargain. I will never need another tool like this again. I am covered for pretty much any situation that will require a probe, carving instrument. They can be used for a number of different crafting and hobbies. Comes in a nice case as well. Some are very sharp.
  • numerous uses

    Betsy, 9/22/2018 Husband uses these and finds them of excellent quality and numerous uses in his shop.
  • A Mind-Boggling Variety of Uses!

    Ira Landgarten, 9/20/2018 These tools have such a multitude of uses it's almost mind boggling! Everything from cleaning those encrusted Ordovician fossils to DIY dentistry!!!
  • Great set

    Dave Cavender, 5/28/2018 Excellent set of picks. Bought one set for my wife, and another for me.
  • nice pick set

    james Fabozzi, 4/24/2018 these picks and probes are very handy to have around.
  • A Dozen Picks and Probes

    Patti Ball, 12/11/2017 The picks and probes are indispensable tools in the shop for cleaning, moving into tight spaces, and fine adjustments. Amazing when nothing else works, a jiggle here and a wiggle there just might do the trick!
  • Picks and probes for every project

    Richard, 12/4/2017 Exactly as advertised. An indispensible collection of picks and probes for multiple project uses - and the price is right.
  • Not Too Picky

    Lisa, 10/30/2017 I'm just thrilled with my purchase of a dozen picks & probes. They arrived much more quickly than I expected, and I was immediately impressed with the quality and variety of picks & probes. I found out about these from an article on what to buy a stoner, and a link to Garrett Wade was provided. With the picks & probes in hand, I can see how these will be extremely useful for cleaning glass pieces. I'll know more after the stoner's birthday, but I am sure he'll be thrilled and will find many uses for this picks & probes set.
  • These are good to have in the tool box for all kinds of uses

    J.A. Brossack, 10/24/2017 Agree with others that the plastic sleeve is less that useful, but the tools are. I have already used a couple to help me clean firearms and to remove an 'O' ring to repair a hose faucet. Like some one else said, this is one of those tool sets that you have no idea you need one of the tools, until you need one. I bought a 2nd set and gave it to my son for his tool box.
  • Will work fine for what I want them for.

    Fred, 8/19/2017 I agree the plastic case is flimsy. All three of the sets I ordered had poked through in shipping. The tools themselves will work fine for getting into small corners and hard to reach spots when cleaning rifles and shotguns, which is what I bought them for.
  • Pretty good,not super duper

    M.J., 8/18/2017 Good, but not outstanding. I agree that the plastic pouch these picks arrive in is flimsy and cheap, the flap cracked off when I lifted it and a few of the tools had poked through during shipping. I will probably make a felt roll with pockets to hold these guys for travel, maybe keep them in a softly-lined canister for studio use.. The picks were oily/greasy, but some hot water and detergent cleaned them. On closer inspection, I will grind/file a few but they are good for the price and will take some everyday rough handling. Glad the price allowed me to order two so I can give them to a friend who'd just borrow mine otherwise.
  • Great for DIY

    Mike, 5/8/2017 Nifty item for all sorts of DIY and craft use. Got two, one for me and one for our son who is a jeweler.
  • Great for detail work

    Duane, 4/5/2017 Really handy for clean-up work in woodworking. Great for removing glue squeeze-out and clearing splinters and debris from corners where sandpaper can't reach. Wish I had bought these years ago.
  • excellent for sculptural work

    Janet Gay, 2/10/2017 excellent for sculptural work...especially when working in clay or wax. now buying them for other artists as gifts.
  • dozen picks and probes - right on

    Robert B Neale, 1/20/2017 I can always use a product like this. could not resist buying it for what I thought was a very nominal price.
  • look handy

    Addie, 1/9/2017 These will come in handy if I never use them. But, use them, I will. I haven't as yet, but the variety of shapes and sizes is promising. must agree the sleeve is cheap and the set arrives with one of the tools already poking through the sleeve.
  • Many Uses

    Steven C Darden, 12/19/2016 Many Uses digging out paint,they are sharp! Yes! the sleeves are cheap cr-p!!
  • Good choice!

    Judith Linsley, 12/19/2016 Really useful gifts, I think the recipients will enjoy and appreciate them.
  • Picks and Probes

    Elizabeth Conboy, 12/18/2016 Just what I need in my work! (The wrapper is non-essential) They are the tools I wanted and I keep these handy picks and probes within easy reach, in a former jewelry box. They are perfect for scraping, enlarging, rubbing, applying glue, or removing glue, since they're so strong, I imagine I will be finding many additional uses for these picks and probes. But I'm not about to attempt my own dental work! Thanks to Garrett Wade for another great product.
  • Restorer/ Refinisher

    Elizabeth Conboy, 12/18/2016 I am so glad I bought these picks and probes. They are so useful in my work of restoration and have great gripping texture.they seem to have enough flex and yet are sufficiently strong for detailing. Thanks,
    Garrett Wade.
  • Old picks relegated to the recycle bin

    Hugh Alan, 11/13/2016 Easily sharpened, and being stainless steel, I don't have to worry about them rusting. Yes the sleeves are cheap cr-p but I have the picks where they are easily useable and accessible - an old cigar tube works nicely if I'm taking them anywhere.
  • Pumpkin Carvers and More . . .

    Nancy, 10/22/2016 I bought these hoping they will be great for delicate pumpkin carving that we do every year. Got tired of the cheap ones that break.
  • ?

    jcb, 12/4/2015 Plastic sleeve full of holes! I would like to receive a replacement. Have not used to pick and probes yet.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear this. Please call customer service at 1-800-221-2942 for immediate assistance.
  • Picky

    Steve, 8/9/2015 More like wood working tools. Maybe that's why the packet reads carving tools!! So if you're looking for wood engraving tools here ya go.
  • Picking Probes and Probing Picks!

    Jack Mc, 7/10/2015 Great set of probes and picks!
  • Professor

    Joseph Rachlin, 1/9/2015 This dozen picks and probe set is just the thing for a variety of odd jobs around the house and lab. They are good for everything from doing scrimshaw to cleaning in narrow tracks. I recommend them to any hobbyist who will need a pick or probe in the future and finds that with this set they will have just about any item to get the job done.
  • Pretty Bad

    Paul, 1/2/2015 Picks are almost usable. The rest of the tools" look as if they randomly shoved in a grinder. Be prepared to reshape them into something useful."
  • Perfect Tools!!

    Susan, 12/18/2014 These picks and probes are the greatest things since sliced bread. There are always situations where one needs just the right size or shape of tool to do something and these are an outstanding selection. I can't wait until our next project to say oh, we have the perfect tool to use for that". Great item and 2 people on my list are getting a set."
  • Cheaply Made

    Mike , 12/18/2014 Very cheaply constructed. Plastic sleeve full of holes and was discarded.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the Dozen Picks & Probes. We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with them.  If you are in need of another sleeve, we can send you one. If you are unsatisfied with the item as a whole, please feel free to send it back for a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Handy Tool

    Carlton Davies, 6/23/2014 When you are working on things one of these tools will come handy. As I was working on a project I did not know what I needed. Looking at this set of tools real close I found just what I needed.
  • Really Sharp Picks

    William Ogden, 2/14/2014 These tools seem to be of really good quality. They are SHARP and would be useful for sculpting or model making. For some applications, the user might have to dull the edges to avoid digging into the work. The plastic case is not as great; the tools tend to puncture it easily. I reinforced mine with heavy tape on the edges.
  • Gets In Curves And Crevices.

    Martin Sorin, 1/14/2014 These tools are excellent for cleaning out the curves and crevices of wooden millwork when stripping surfaces produced by lathes so that they are uniformly clean. Try them!
  • Good Value

    Rob, 1/4/2014 Great assortment of unusual shapes. Very Strong. Finish of the edges should be more precise. And the storage sleeve is a joke. But I am very pleased with the tools.
  • Picks & Probes

    Richard, 12/22/2013 Good tools but packaging is worthless. You need to go and buy something to hold the tools as the plastic pouch they come in is ripped and torn. I bought three sets as gifts and had to go out and buy something to hold them
  • Probes & Picks

    Dana Musick, 12/22/2013 I got these for my daughter to use. She paints and refurbishes furniture. They look great, wish the pouch was stronger, I know she will find them handy. Can't wait to give them to her for Christmas!
  • Ms. Jennifer Morenus, 12/20/2013 I got this for my multi-talented son-in-law who does hand carving. He even made a complete nativity set for my mom one year. I'm sure he'll find many uses for this great set.
  • Fun tools....

    Jerry, 12/18/2013 Great Christmas present for anyone doing crafts or even wood working. Fun stuff...
  • A Mini-Construction Wonder

    David Mesirow, 7/5/2013 If you build models, deal with model train layouts, or are a book binder, this package of of mini tools provides you with the shape and size device just when you need it.
  • Easy Picking

    Regis King, 3/9/2013 In the general/home shop pick tools are not a frequently used tool. Their value lies in performing well in an infrequent ,but specialized use. The Garrett Wade Pick assortment is more than adequate in size/shape selection with good quality and finish.The vinyl tool holder is a bit lightweight for frequent use.
  • Any and everything

    Wanda, 6/14/2012 I have used the picks and probes for just everything not just fixing things. All kinds of things around the house (even cleaning).
  • Good Picks!

    Ken A, 1/20/2012 The picks are very nice, usable to get in to those areas you just cannot reach.
  • Great Buy

    Mike B, 12/24/2011 These are great for scraping semi-dried glue, smushing wood filler into gaps, slipping glue into gaps, and other odd jobs. High quality and inexpensive.
  • Picks & Probes

    JW-Woods, 3/11/2011 these probes/picks are the top of line tools. Can't complain.
  • Extra Fingers

    Richard Haskins, 12/24/2010 Great tools to use in tight spaces to apply glue, retrieve small items, etc.
  • Pick set

    Nance, 12/19/2010 The tools themselves are cool and useful but the plastic holder they come in, is lame. Would be better if it were made of a different material.
  • Tools and clay

    Wally, 12/10/2010 Wonderful gifts and that family member who works in clay. Great for final detailing of that grand piece of artistic endevour.
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