A Folding Pruning Saw For Serious Work

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Bestseller A Folding Pruning Saw For Serious Work
a tough pruner, now available with a durable leather sheath
23K04.04 Large Folding Pruning Saw

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23K04.05 Folding Saw Replacement Blade

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66M03.04 US Made Leather Sheath

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This is the best Japanese tooth-pattern folding work saw we have discovered, The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16" – so this is a very fast cutting tool. The rubber-covered handle is all steel. This is a beauty.

You can carry it in a deep pocket, or wheelbarrow but we recommend our leather sheath to keep it at the ready. Made of oil-tanned steer hide for softness, and lock-stitched and riveted for durability. Features nickel-plated hardware and a 2" clip that you can attach it to a work belt, or if you prefer, it has belt slots to wear directly on your belt. Hole punched center-top to hang on a hook when storing, or for a carabiner to attach to a work vest. The scabbard measures 3-1/4" wide x 7" tall, 12" tall overall. Handcrafted by skilled workers in the USA by a purveyor of top-class arborist and logging tools. 

Optional sheath available.
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Overall Rating

  • Worth the price, probably could be a little more affordable. Great tool.

    Omar, 9/17/2020 Tough pruner, good weight, quality is present.
  • The best pruning saw!

    Kay, 9/13/2020 I live on a heavily wooded acre lot - trees and shrubs – and I've gone through a lot of pruning saws in 26 years here. I recently purchased this folding saw and immediately put it to use. It's the finest pruning saw I've used. It's lightweight but sturdy; these teeth chew through wood quickly. Love the way I can adjust the blade angle, and it folds up for easy storage. Thanks, GW.
  • Saw

    Paul, 8/4/2020 Handy as a pocket on a shirt.
  • Where's that saw?

    Jim, 6/21/2020 When I got the saw I was impressed. I never realized I I would be using it so soon. We had a bit of weather the British would say . It is my responsibility to walk the electric fence and troubleshoot when the fencer is out of sorts. I was wearing carpenter's jeans and the saw fit in the right leg pocket perfectly. The base of the tree was about 18 inches at the base and where it landed on the fence is between 3 and 4 inches across. It took about 2 minutes to separate into sections and clear the fence. It is incredible sharp. I love It. I can handle a lot more without lugging a chainsaw....
  • The most useful pruner

    Kathy Eddy, 5/17/2020 It’s very sharp and easy to use. I’m very busy cutting down all the invasive plants at my place.
  • Will Never Leave My Pocket

    Juniper, 5/8/2020 I've used quite a few pruning saws over my years as a landscaper, and this one is by far the best. It chews through wood cleanly and easily thanks to those wickedly beautiful teeth. The multi-positional locking mechanism is extremely helpful when working awkward angles. The trees and I are both very satisfied with this wonderful little tool.
  • Perfect Pruner

    Tim Brandy, 5/3/2020 I took my new pruning saw out right away. The compact size makes it easy to carry and cuts one-inch limbs like butter. The deep-toothed blade fits between branches to make efficient, healthy cuts!
  • High quality saw

    Tim, 4/27/2020 I bought this pruning saw for my son-in-law, he lives in an apartment that has some landscape. This saw is very high quality and was offered on sale.
  • Great saw!

    ND, 4/18/2020 Great saw! Removed a large, dead branch easily!
  • Lovely little tool...

    Marie Prins, 4/10/2020 Another item I bought for myself to use in my garden...and once my hubby saw, he immediately wanted it. So, ordered another. A great and useful tool we both appreciate.
  • Back Yard Helper

    mike M, 12/21/2019 Easy to use,cuts better than expected
  • Blade could be a little stiffer

    Harold Fowler, 3/12/2019 I like everything about this pruning saw except the stiffness of the blade. I would like the blade to a bit stiffer to more easily start a cut where the saw/blade must be held at an awkward angle causing the blade to bow and bind. I really like the handle and the length of the saw.
  • Japanese Pruning Saw

    B, 3/11/2019 Snazzy! Folding, sharp and safe. I must admit, when I saw the wood handled one after I received mine I second-guessed my purchase. A gift may be given!
  • Could not be happier!!!

    Troy Hager, 2/25/2019 I have used this saw a couple of times. Once under somewhat adverse conditions. It has performed great and expect it to do so in the future. I am also quite happy with the weight and how it folds. It fits in my pack well and is not overly heavy.
  • Excellent Tool for the trail.

    Jay Mackey, 12/17/2018 It meet my expectations and more. The blade is super sharp and it is easy to extract and retract into the handle. If I had any complaints, it would be I wish it were about 1-2 inches smaller so it would fit in my backpack.
  • Excellent small, extremely sharp saw.

    jason, 12/10/2018 This is the second one I purchased; the first one I have owned for a few years and used on everything; even some 4 x 4 pressure treated lumber when I didn't feel like walking 200 feet back to the garage and I knew this saw was in my garden shed. Fantastic cutting, super sharp. Why am I buying a 2nd one? It is a housewarming gift for a gardener friend, after a walk around her "new" yard she will use this a lot!
  • The teeth of a Sand Tiger shark!!!

    Michaela A., 9/23/2018 I was looking for a folding pruning saw for over 2 years at Amazon, big box stores, hardware stores, and at a few large well-known nurseries, but nothing caught my eyes... After reading the description and watching the short video at Garret Wade’s website, I decided to give this folding knife a try. Oh my goodness, I was overwhelmed with happiness when I actually held it in my hand. As the title says, the teeth of this saw are like “The teeth of a Sand Tiger shark!!!” On a 12' ladder, I cut dry branches down faster than the man did in the video. On my knees, I cut 1"-1.5" thick roots under the ground faster than a bread-slicing-machine sliced a loaf of bread. Just with a 2"-long at the tip of the pruning saw, a 1.5"-thick root was cleanly cut through within 5 seconds. It took me about 5-10 minutes to loosen dirt and rocks around the big root, but it took me 5 seconds to cut it. I really wish that I could post three pictures showing everyone how amazing this folding pruning saw did the job! Believe it or not, a stump was off the ground less than a half an hour by a 60 years old woman. This small folding pruning saw can do an amazing, indescribable job that not many people can imagine!!!!!
  • Great trim saw

    Frank G, 8/27/2018 Very nice tool, high quality steel, sharp , looks like it will last a long time. I purchased many Garrett Wade tools in my life time, and they have always been top notch tools.
  • More than a simple folding saw...

    Efrain, 8/23/2018 It's not just a saw, it's a very important tool. I already used it in Florida & Georgia. This tool is making my life a lot easier around the yard and in the road. By incorporating the use of this saw in my daily cardiovascular workout, I am planning to stay in top shape. It was a great investment buying it.
  • Nice set of teeth.

    Carol Brown, 7/27/2018 Very impressive set of teeth on this saw. Cuts well, but the wood must be completely dry.
  • Sharp teeth

    Jeff, 7/16/2018 This saw is a beast. Bought a new house with an overgrown yard and it tore through lots of different sized low hanging branches.
  • Great Tool

    Tirrell, 6/25/2018 Bought this as a gift for my husband. He loves it! Says it is a great tool for pruning. . . .which he does a lot of!
  • Folding Japanese saw

    Jasmes Jsaserk, 6/22/2018 This is one fantastic saw, It is very well made and will stand up to a lot of use. Teh blade is very sharps. It is teh best sash I have ever seen
  • Folding Pruning Saw

    Larry K. Stanley, 5/6/2018 The Garrett Wade folding saw and replacement pages have become a permanent part of my backpack causing a great deal of envy among my camping friends. TU for the quality I have come to depend on from you!
  • Folding pruning saw

    Kent Townsend , 4/27/2018 Without a doubt this saw is the sharpest folding saw I have ever used. I use it in every spoon I carve. It also works well in collecting my spoon wood.
  • great little tool

    John VanCamp, 4/13/2018 one of the best little pruners available anywhere. I have two, and use them all the time. The blades do eventually dull, and my most recent purchase was for two replacement blades. Hope to find someone local who can re-sharpen these Japanese style blades.
  • Sharp Saw

    Linda, 11/12/2017 Very sharp! Does the job.
  • Best of my folding saws.

    Eric, 11/10/2017 Lives in my winter safety auto kit. Compact, but tough enough.
  • Great folding saw

    AL, 11/1/2017 I have been using this folding saw for hiking trail maintenance. It cuts real well and is very sharp. I cut thru up to 6 inch diameter tree limbs with no problems.
  • Best saw I’ve ever owned

    Matthew Brescia, 10/30/2017 The Japanese folding saw for which I recently bought a replacement blade is one of the finest folding pruning saws I have ever owned. I have actually used it for far more than pruning, as I have used it to cut through fallen logs and even live trees that exceeded it’s lengthI in diameter. I haven’t used the new blade yet but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get one later on, and I wouldn’t want to be without that saw. Actually the original blade is still going strong after years of heavy use. A superb product very well made that will cut thru anything you try it on.
  • great product

    KEITH, 10/14/2017 Exceptional quality and durability! This is exactly what we needed!
  • Less than stellar

    Regular GW Customer, 10/10/2017 Less than stellar construction or strength.
  • exceptional pruning saw

    Annette vanHumbeck, 9/29/2017 Excellent and very high quality pruning saw. It is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this saw

  • folding pruning saw

    George, 9/1/2017 bought this for my B.O.B, looks real sturdy and well built, I haven't used it yet but I think it will do the job well.
  • Folding Pruning Saw

    Skippy, 8/27/2017 Bought this for camping. It's the right size, fairly light, sharp, fits in back pack and folds so that teeth don't cut the inside of my pack. Works great on branches, small logs, stuff for kindling.
  • Folding Pruning saw

    Robert Wurth, 8/26/2017 Excellent saw, very sharp and cuts neat and clean. High quality I like the deep cutting teeth and the easy folding handle. Its a pleasure to use a tool of this quality.
  • At first I thought..............

    jerry, 8/7/2017 High quality
  • Folding pruning saw review

    Craig Groendyke, 7/31/2017 I bought one last year and it was so good I had to have a second one. Far and away, the best hand saw I have ever used. I started pruning trees as a teenager. My dad would send me up a tree, tell me where to cut, and away I would go. That was 55 years ago. I wish I had this saw back then. Great handle, folds easily, fast cutting, and the blade locks in open position. 5 Stars!
  • Getting it started

    Michele, 7/31/2017 I had a bit of trouble getting it started, but once I got going - WOW!
  • Best folding backpack saw I have used

    Randy Ewins, 7/3/2017 I have used several different brand folding backpack saws, that this one is superior. It is a little heavier than the rest, but well worth the additional stability and fast cutting edge as a result of the thicker blade design.
  • Best folding saw I've ever had

    Lloyd Brown, 6/24/2017 I've had pruning saws before, but none that compare to this one! If you've never had one, or are planning to replace one, look no further. This one's a keeper!
  • Casual Gardener

    Andrew Lachanaris, 6/24/2017 An excellent saw
  • Gardener

    DM, 6/13/2017 Good quality, will be very useful in my yard work.
  • The best Folding Pruning Saw . . . ever

    Lloyd Brown, 6/13/2017 Received saws (ordered two) just in time to go to hunting camp for a couple of work days last weekend. The saws exceeded my expectations for this type of tool. Have had others before, but none come close the quality and effectiveness of these. Almost had to start a "sign-out" log so I could keep track of who was using them. They are definitely keepers! Garrett Wade wins again!
  • Fast saw, feels good

    Jennifer Pruette, 6/12/2017 This is an excellent saw. It feels very solid in the hand. The length is good and the teeth are long, which makes pruning branches a breeze. I use this on anything that is too big for the lopping shears, and it has handled it all with ease. I also like the rubber covered handle - it is easy to hold while sawing. My last saw bent and never closed properly again, I don't think that will happen to this one - really good craftsmanship here.
  • Fastest Cutting Tree Saw I Own

    Michael, 5/29/2017 For Hand cutting limbs within reach this the go to Saw bar none

    Carlton Goodwin, 4/24/2017 Great saw! I use it in the vineyard during pruning and maintenance. Love it!
  • Wonderful saw

    Olympic Pen, 4/21/2017 Wonderful saw. I've had others before but this beats them all. Great tool in any yard or garden. I have lots of garden clearing to do, also use it for pruning/trimming up trees. Would highly recommend it.
  • Folding pruning saw

    Andrea Labrecque, 4/14/2017 This saw is wonderful. It's not too big, nor too heavy. It cuts with ease. I hope I have many cuttings before it has to be sharpened. We'll see.
  • hunny of a saw

    JOHN, 4/7/2017 bought one of these saws a couple of years ago--excellent tool to carry in the UTV and clearing out the ashe juniper. wanted to get a couple more replacement blades, and noticed the saw on sale--bingo, I now have 2.

    John Bridendolph, 4/2/2017 I have used the Folding Saw around the house. I really like the way it cuts right in. I have used it on branches and roots. I like it so much I ordered 2 of them and put 1 in each vehicle for those times you find a tree blocking the road.
  • Well made

    Robert, 3/25/2017 Nice saw. Easy to use and well made.
  • Mr

    Alvaro, 3/19/2017 Very pleased with the saw. Well made and I know (haven't used it yet) that it will perform great
  • Best Pruning saw!

    Diane Holden, 3/6/2017 I have been looking a saw that worked well on cutting wood, branches and other items. I found it! Does a great and exactly what I needed.
  • Folding saw

    Joyce, 3/5/2017 Fantastic hand held pruning saw. Does a great job. Highly recommend. Well made.
  • Great japanese folding saw!

    Kathleen, 2/28/2017 I am so happy with this saw.i have weed trees to attack and this works so easily and well!
  • Sharp & Sturdy

    Larry Chase, 2/25/2017 Very sharp and sturdy. Small enough to be portable but substantial enough to do serious work. Well worth the money.
  • Perfect

    Meghan caughey , 2/21/2017 This is a very well made tool. It is the perfect weight for me to use in my garden, plus I really like that it folds into a very compact size. When I first got it I was concerned that it might be too small, but it is the perfect size for my needs.
  • I had to buy another of these great saws so my husband and I can cut brush together.

    Jackie the naturalist, 2/13/2017 My husband and I volunteer to maintain natural areas in our local parks and have been cutting lots of honeysuckle. This saw is the best tool we've found for the job so we decided we needed a second one so we can each use one. It fits nicely in my pocket, cuts well, and is sturdier than the tools the parks department has to lend volunteers.
  • large folding pruning saw

    Al Misker, 2/3/2017 Put saw to immediate use when I received it, trimming a lot of pine branches, both alive and dead! It worked extremely well, making very rapid and clean cuts. As stated in the ads, it is very portable in a deep pocket, making it easy to carry and readily accessible. I gladly give it a 5 star rating! It will earn its' keep as I have a small pine plantation and limb removal is an ongoing task.
  • Folding pruning saw

    charles, 1/21/2017 I recent;ly purchased a folding pruning tool from Garrett Wade. I used the saw once for cutting out dead limbs from shrubs. The saw worked well.
  • Pruning Saw

    Randy Witmer, 1/20/2017 I'm in the process of making new trails and always looking for unique pieces of wood for making lamps or other fixtures. This saw handles 6 inch think branches or tree trunks with ease. Fits in my pocket back pocket with ease. Love it!
  • An Excellent Pruning Tool

    Nadine Schaeffer, 1/7/2017 This, THIS! I am in love with this little saw. I am in the midst of winter pruning 500 fruit trees, and it has become my best friend. The light weight and narrow blade allow me to take it up on an orchard ladder and cut down dead branches with one hand. It's small enough to fit on my toolbelt, but sturdy enough to tackle big branches. I am tempted to order another one right now, for the inevitable day when I lose or break it.
  • I like

    DAVID, 1/3/2017 Great for walking the property and trimming a rogue branch.
  • Great tool

    Will Johnston , 12/31/2016 I purchased four of these saws for my sons, nephew and one for myself. I am a carpenter and occasionally need to trim trees and shrubs, this is the best tool for the job, sharp and easily carried. I think it will be a good addition to the boys car camping and even for backpacking if you don't mind a little extra weight
  • Serious workers only

    Pastor Amos, 12/30/2016 I saw these saws on videos and was impressed ,not as much as having one and watching it work - WOW and Great People and Company make Happy Customers!
  • Works as hard as you do!

    Dan Morrissey, 12/28/2016 Put this one in your back pocket when you're out in the yard. Makes short work of limbs, brush, even small tree trunks. Stays sharp, cuts quick - what more can you ask!!
  • Didn't know this kind of quality even existed for a pruning saw

    Jane, 12/8/2016 I have purchased various brands of pruning saws over the years that are the highest quality I can find in garden centers. But these are of a quality I have never seen, well made of quality steel. The blade is sharp and cuts through small branches easily. I love finding and using quality garden tools that are made to last. This is a keeper and I believe the last folding pruning saw I will ever need to buy! Thank you.
  • Excellent choice.

    Bob, 11/15/2016 I bought this to do some pruning around the yard. It appears to be well made and works like a charm. Nice and sharp and quite aggressive. Just what I needed for the Mulberry, Oak and Sycamore in my yard. Lots of clean up after some wind storms this summer was made much easier.
  • Exactly the right hand tool for the orchard.

    Michael Freeman, 11/12/2016 Good price for an excellent Japanese garden tool. Just right for orchard work: plenty aggressive to make cutting go fast, but small enough for precise limb work. I also like the ability to change the saw -- or handle, depends how you look at it -- angle.
  • Faster trimming

    corjo, 11/5/2016 Great for pruning damaged limbs from my apple tree. So much easier and faster than to old saw it replaced.
  • Nicely made

    >George, 10/27/2016 Very nicely made and a great price.
  • Great Saw

    William curlis, 9/30/2016 This saw is very sharp perfect for camping, will be great to have for survival .
  • Too good to let anybody borrow

    Bob Elster, 9/23/2016 I have had this same folding saw for several years and found it top quality for my use--reasonably light landscape limb trimming and cleanup. Over time, there has been very little noticeable dulling of the blade, and no problems with the hinge. Only one problem--I lent mine to someone (can't remember who and nobody's 'fessin up to having it) and really missed it. My solution=>. I bought two, plus a spare blade in case it ever does get dull.
  • In a class by itself

    Jane, 8/27/2016 This saw is almost a different tool, it's so much better than any of the many I've used in the past.
  • Mr

    Ed, 8/26/2016 This saw was selected for small chores in and about mountain campsites, In the brief time I have had possession it has fulfilled that role admirably. It is heavy to carry while trekking, but seems much sturdier than most folding saws.
  • Handiest Saw in Toolbox

    Joann Hartge, 8/1/2016 I have purchased several of these saws for my sons. They all raved about it. One son renovavates homes and said it has multiple uses. He has even used it to cut drywall. He said it is the handiest saw in his toolbox.
  • folding pruning saw

    joe hoy, 7/31/2016 Top notch saw. Much better than my previous saw from another company.
  • Pruning saw

    Hermann Nann, 7/27/2016 Great quality saw
  • The real McCoy.

    Jim, 7/26/2016 Cuts like a champ. I really appreciate how fast it cuts.
  • extra Blade

    Phil, 7/19/2016 excellent quality
  • Pruning Saw

    Phil, 7/19/2016 great quality and sharpe will made unit
  • A great folding saw!

    Jimmie, 7/16/2016 What a great folding saw for pruning, small enough to put in your pocket, and sharp enough to cut 4inch limbs or larger, a great product at a great price!
  • Awesome camping saw

    R., 7/10/2016 Super sharp. Slim and compact. Perfect cutting kindling.
  • Serious saw

    Mike Dupuis, 7/1/2016 Cuts vigorously on push and pull...demolishes deadfall on our hiking trails...fits neatly in my backpack
  • Good saw!

    eric dennis, 6/13/2016 The saw deploys easily and works well. I just used it to cut up a load of branches that had fallen off of my trees during a recent storm. I had been concerned that the large blade might be too flexible or flimsy, but that was not the case at all. Also, little to no problems with the blade binding in the wet wood. A good purchase that I will keep in my car for camping or wood collecting.
  • Incredible saw

    John Gable, 5/24/2016 This thing cuts through roots FAST! Great for removing tree stumps!
  • Fine saw

    Hal, 5/20/2016 Nice saw, well made and extremely sharp.
  • Unit 1 Quiz 1

    dennis mahoney, 5/9/2016 I've used a lot of hand saws but this one is the best.
  • Great pruner.

    Cecelia Clark, 4/14/2016 Cuts great when I don't want to use the loppers. Sliced down a banana tree in 2 pulls. Folds up neatly and keeps blade sharp.
  • Finally a folding saw that can take a beating!!

    Tim , 4/4/2016 This Saw is exactly what I have been looking. I use a folding saw while doing outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and backpacking and this saw meets those demands. I have used other similar style and they have all broke. This is all metal and zips through tress up to 6" diameter with ease. A must have for those outdoors men and woman.
  • Better than the big box stores

    Richard, 3/28/2016 The folding saw makes quick work of small branches. It's better made than any I've seen in the big box stores. Saves time and effort.
  • Does the Job

    Baron Rojo, 3/27/2016 I have a cheap but effective bow saw I use for every job that doesn't need a chainsaw, but sometimes the branches are too close together for a bow saw. For those cases, I'd get a keyhole-type saw from the shop; that's what I got this saw for. I chose it over similar types offered by other vendors because I liked the price, and the way it looked like it would work the way I want. But I couldn't write a proper review before putting it to use, and fortunately there were a couple of green branches an inch or smaller in diameter that needed trimming.

    This saw is Japanese, as Garrett Wade points out, which means it cuts on the draw, not the push -- which is fine by me. (The one it replaces cuts both ways.) It's fast, but has a surprising tendency to stick; I guess experience is needed. One minor engineering shortcoming is worth calling to attention: If you intend to use that hole in the handle for hanging up the tool (as I do), you need to note that sawteeth stick into it when the blade is folded, and take precautions.

    Because it folds, you can stick this saw in a back pocket; good for climbing ladders on the way up to that branch. Despite its length, it's easy to forget it's back there, too -- until you need it. It's big enough to cut with authority, slim enough to get in where it's needed.

  • Strong Work Horse

    Larry Bush, 3/26/2016 Volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Saw is larger and stronger than most folding saws and does the job of larger saws. . I do agree that the hanging hole needs a redesign to be more practical. I just keep mine in my back pocket.
  • Wonderful pruning saw

    Katherine , 3/4/2016 We bought this to prune our fruit trees. It cut the branches exceptionally well. I am very pleased with this saw.
  • Excellent Pruning Tool

    Katherine , 3/4/2016 We used this to prune fruit trees. It cut exceptionally well. I was very pleased with the product.
  • Wickedly Sharp

    WILLIAM J GORJANCE, 3/4/2016 My folding pruning saw is amazingly sharp and easy to handle so I can get into the interlocking branches that are my problem areas.
  • Safe, easy cutting

    AJ in VT, 12/9/2015 I have been using this saw quite often for two or three years and it seems as sharp as new. Very fast cutting because it's sharp and has a long draw. The blade lock is reliable. I use this for stems up to 4" Overall much less effort than carrying a chainsaw, wearing chaps and heavy boots. Great for trail maintenance; carry the nippers and stick this in your pocket.
  • Made of Steel

    James Stolpa, 9/10/2015 I volunteer doing state park trail work. Tools must be light and tough because we're often far from trailheads. This saw is not as light as some plastic folding saws, but is so much larger and tougher that it's worth the slight extra weight. We use chain saws and logging saws, but at times a smaller saw is needed. The ONLY downside is that the hanging hole design is bad. The blade protrudes into the hole cutting any cord you might use to attach the saw to your pack. My solution was a wire tie and a split ring. The tie is positioned beyond reach of the blade. GW should press the manufacturer to correct this small flaw.
  • Backpack Saw

    Ed Coker, 8/4/2015 Very good saw that folds up to fit in my backpack. Cuts wood like a hot knife through butter.
  • Folding Pruning Saw

    Mark Kucera, 7/5/2015 Nice saw for many tasks... Yard work / maintenance, trail blazing, camping, or to have in your vehicle for emergencies. Built well and sturdy without too much weight. As said before, the lanyard hole is in a very poor position. The lock system works well and, while there are 2 lock open positions, only one seems useful. The second lock hyper extends the blade making it angle back beyond straight. I guess there could be a time when you need this but it would have been much more useful if they had the other lock in a place where the blade was less then fully open to give the saw more of a hooking ability to help in times when you need a little extra help with sawing causing your draw stroke to kind of push the end of the blade into your work... Hook saw.. I think the saw will last and continue to perform well. 1 star knocked off for lanyard hole and second lock positions.
  • Very Good Saw

    Jim Huffaker, 5/28/2015 I have lots of bamboo, which gets very hard when mature and that is a short time, when I get busy I can not cut the bamboo until it is very hard and I need a good saw. The Garrett Wade pruning saw is very good and will cut the bamboo very easily, like if it where a tomato.....
  • Fine Folder

    Jeff Ross, 5/27/2015 Excellent saw. Good balance. Good grip. Cuts like a full size and has advantages of a folder. Top quality tool I highly recommend.
  • Very Useful & Sharp

    J Pong, 5/27/2015 Great pruning saw for the money. Cuts fast and sharp every time.
  • The Top Performer Cutter

    Humberto Guitron, 5/16/2015 Cutting with this saw is a very enjoying activity with almost no effort; cuts wood like a hot knife on butter.
  • Hungry

    Doug Bingham, 4/6/2015 A very hungry saw!! Tree limbs to big for my pruners this saw worked great.
  • Very Useful

    Ronald Wilson, 3/25/2015 Perfect size, easy use, very sharp. Only wish I had purchased an extra blade.
  • Exceptional Value & Quality

    Tom Kasprzak, 2/17/2015 Makes fast work of any pruning job and so convenient that I leave it in my cars emergency pack. Great tool, great price, outstanding value!
  • Great Tool

    Mark Schimpf, 1/29/2015 Threw away my old saw after I used this just once, really cuts well.
  • Great Trail Saw

    Dave Bingham, 1/18/2015 This pruning saw works well for clearing trails & was purchased as a replacement for the Silky that fell off a bridge into the river below. The blade is only 1/2 as thick as the silky - might not work well on any trees larger than 8 diameter...haven't tried it yet. We always carry a folding pruning saw while trail riding our horses in the Pacific Northwest & this saw works real well for that."
  • Great Saw!

    Robin Faulkner, 1/12/2015 I bought two of these, along with two spare blades. These will be used in the field for bushcraft use. I do not care for the way the handles are made, as without good gloves your hands will suffer. Also, there is a drilled hole for a lanyard... unfortunately, when the blade is closed, several of the teeth of the blade come right through this hole. This of course, will result in any lanyard placed through the hole being damaged and eventually cut through. This can easily be fixed by placing the lanyard hole in a bit different place through the handle, or in our case, we placed threaded brass inserts sized to fill the lanyard holes. The blade teeth now stop short of coming through the lanyard hole, cutting the lanyard. The saws are very sharp, cut both ways, and make short work of both green and seasoned woods. These saws would be greatly improved if attention is payed to those points I've raised. Offer an optional belt sheath and these saws should be great additions to anyone's bush tools, but don't forget your work gloves! Blisters in the bush, and you can easily become a casualty. 4 stars easily, 5 with the suggested changes! Thanks for the opportunity to rate these really great bush saws.
  • I Love This Saw

    Charles Haseltine, 12/5/2014 I toss this saw into my pack when I go for hikes in my local parks. It's light and compact enough I don't mind carrying it. I've tackled 8 branches across the trail quickly and efficiently. It's big teeth are aggressive and they're pretty easy to sharpen myself."
  • Pocket Presence

    John, 11/1/2014 Works great at any angle. Slips into a back pocket, ready for use anytime. Saws quickly and makes a clean cut.
  • Highly Recommended

    Larry Bush, 10/25/2014 I volunteer @ the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden and trim tree there. I recommend this saw to anyone who trims trees. The saw, it makes a smith cut and and uses less energy as it retains its sharpness for quite awhile . It is the best folding saw I ever used. It gives my silky a run for the money.
  • Great Quality

    Hugh, 10/25/2014 I recently bought some blades similar to this for my electric sawzall and was very impressed with the speed and ease they cut through branches, limbs,small stumps,roots and also the technology that creates these blades. I haven't used this particular blade yet, but I really like the heft and feel of it, it looks like a precision instrument. I also like the heavy chrome plating on the metal parts for the handle and the fact that it has two locking positions for the blade, I look forward to using it for fine pruning my fruit trees this Fall.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner October 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Hugh!!
  • Retired Guy

    Edward Jones, 8/18/2014 One of the volunteers who trims the trees at the Desert Botanical Garden where I volunteer had this saw and loved it. I bought it to trim the many mesquite and palo verde trees in my yard. It works great and is quick and leaves a clean cut. After many uses it is still very sharp. Think I will get the extra blade just to have it. Great Saw for the money.
  • Great Saw

    Paul Loudenslager, 8/13/2014 I thought I'd lost the other similar saw and I used it often to cut limbs from the 70+ pine trees on my property. Needed a saw pronto and saw this one. Checked other saws online and this one is a inexpensive if not more so. Have used it for over a week and it cuts well. Highly recommended.
  • Best Thing Ever

    Lora, 7/5/2014 This saw is wonderful. I was able to do a 3 hour job in about 1hour and in the heat of Florida that helps. It cut through the palm trees with big needles the stab with no problem and you don't get stabbed. Wonderful and I love it.
  • My Folding Helper

    Jennifer Domaille, 6/17/2014 This is an absolutely fantastic saw! I'm impressed with its strength. I've had other pruning saws before but none as helpful and accurate as this one. Even though I'm not a very big person, this saw is easy to control and I can use it above my head on branches as thick as 1 1/2 with ease!"
  • A Cut Above

    Ernest Montenegro, 6/15/2014 As soon as my family gave me this beautiful pruning saw for Father's Day, I had to go outside and trim the lilac bush. I told my wife I love the feel of this tool. It is so well made and a joy to use. We looked over the catalogue and found more things we want to buy. The style quality and design of these hard-to-find items harks back to the tools made 100 years ago - tools mindfully-made to last and treasure.
  • Great Value

    Al.C, 4/15/2014 Overall, a great value, especially when on sale. Very sturdy latching mechanism and very good blade that makes short work of most any tree limb. For me the weakness is the narrow and hard rubber handle, it has edges which are not very comfortable.... wear gloves (or smooth out these edges) to avoid getting blisters!
  • Pruning Saw

    Betty Gossett, 3/17/2014 The pruning saw arrived quickly and I have already used it in the yard. I like that it can be folded to fit in my tool carrier and that it works so smoothly.
  • A Very Good Choice

    Carl Guzowsky, 1/22/2014 This saw works very well. It cuts with very few strokes and does not bind like my bow saw. I also like that I can carry it folded in my pocket to use when I'm on a ladder. I would recommend this highly.
  • Saw

    Bruce, 1/22/2014 Works as described. A bit long to slip easily into its handle when done, but no major problems. Sharp as hell.
  • Nice Compact Saw

    Stanley, 1/19/2014 Nice Compact handy Pruning Saw - Well Built - good quality.
  • Made a Great Gift!

    Will, 1/2/2014 This was a great gift for my son for Christmas. He has an acre to maintain and this saw will be v handy; he can even (carefully) climb a tree and (carefully) cut a good-sized branch with this well made sharp saw.
  • The Best Saw I've Ever Used

    Joel, 12/5/2013 I received one of these last year for Christmas. They make very fast yet smooth cuts on my fruit trees. These saws are the best!
  • Best Ever

    Andrew, 7/18/2013 I have used many other pruning saws but this one takes the cake. Best Ever! And I was not using it to cut cake - Ha! Although I might. This saw is happy cutting about anything.
  • Well Made

    John Jacox, 5/3/2013 This wood saw makes short work of cutting limbs whether live or dead. Just had a heavy snow which bent and broke many tree limbs in the community. May Magnolia tree lost 3 limbs. Trimmed up the breaks and broken limbs in short order. Two of the limbs were 5 inch diameter. The blade flexes like a normal handsaw. The crosscut teeth cut with each stroke, to and fro. Well made compact handsaw.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner May 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Fast Cutting Tool

    Teresa, 3/26/2013 Wow, this saw made it much easier to prune our apple trees. Let the saw do the job, you don't need to use much force to get 4 branches cut in record time. It's also a great alternative to using a chain saw in tight areas. I plan on purchasing extra saw blades too. Thank you for offering top quality tools. "
  • Works Easily

    Donna, 3/14/2013 I have needed one of these for years to prune my roses and I saw this one online and I know the quality of Garrett Wade products so I ordered it. It is excellent! It cuts easily and quickly and folds safely so this is the one to get. It is solid and feels good in the hand, not flimsy.
  • Thank You

    Doug Bingham, 1/17/2013 The saw was a lot better then I expected,well made and a fine cutting edge.
  • Gardner

    Ken, 8/20/2012 Excellent outdoor gardening products sold here at Garrett Wade. No faulty cheesy junk, all high quality dependable products to make you yard work successful and enjoyable.
  • A Saw Just Right for Landscapers

    Nigel , 4/19/2012 This really is a top-notch folding saw fit for hard work. I have been a landscaper all my life, and have never come across a saw that preforms as well as this one does. It will handle long days of pruning heavy limbs without choking up like most other saws will. The holes in the blade do a nice job of reducing friction, making the cut more smooth. The blade is also longer than usual, making it great for cutting small trees when the chainsaw is not at hand. The locking mechanism is quick and smooth, unlike the Corona saws I had been using. On the Corona saws the blades would stick up and become unusable after only a few months of use. Save yourself some money and hassle with one of these saws. You wont need to stop at the hardware store every 3 months to get a new one.
  • Works Great

    NW gardener, 12/10/2011 Efficient tool. Works fast and fits easily in my tool kit.
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