A Mini Pliers/Cutter Set of Six

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Clearance A Mini Pliers/Cutter Set of Six
Plus a mini-wire shears as a useful add-on
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Small scale Pliers are one of those shop and home necessities that we give little respect to, although we reach for them all the time. What has been needed is an affordable set with a good variety stored in a fitted wallet that can't be ignored. Here's one that is jeweler's quality at a great price: Four pliers together with two cutters - packed in a sturdy wallet that will fit neatly in the toolbox. The 7" long Mini Wire-Shears - excellent for nonferrous metals - are a plus and add to your functional flexibility.

The Pliers Set include needle nose, round nose ("wire bending"), bent nose and short nose. The set also includes end cutters and diagonal/side cutters.

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Overall Rating
  • mini pliers

    ROBERT BAZZANELLA, 5/26/2020 Just what I needed!
  • Excellent set

    Diana, 5/9/2020 This is a very nice set of tools, the case is exceptionally well made, the have great grip, the handles feel very good in the hand, they are not slippery and it has all the tool you need for all those tiny repairs, like jewelry, models, crafts. Everybody at home has need them at some point for one thing or the other and we have just owned them for a week, I don't know how we did without them before! and for a very reasonable price.
  • An excellent investment.

    Howard T Bates, 3/16/2019 Needed some small specialized tools and these will fill the need very well. Loved the case for 'em. I think the jewelers shears a nice addition as well.
  • tiny tools

    James Archer, 12/17/2018 Perfect set to go with the other tools I have. They fill a void that I had for doing very fine work.
  • Mini Pliers/Cutter Set in a Case

    John S. Walls, 4/9/2018 After looking on-line with other suppliers for a good set of small pliers to use in my home workshop, I remembered seeing these in my latest Garrett Wade catalog. I went ahead and bought them. Now, after using them for an ambitious but small project, I can honestly say I'm very happy I purchased them. All the included tools have great grips, the pliers hold small objects extremely well, the cutters are sharp and effective, and the case is convenient and handy. I like them a lot.
  • Great Little Pliers at a Great Price

    Catherine Bartlett, 12/14/2017 I recently bought a pendant to give as a gift, but wanted to put it on a shorter chain. Though I have some smallish tools, none of them where quite right for gripping and holding the tiny connecting loops of the chains. This set of pliers saved the day. I was able to use the bent nose and needle nose together to get a good grip on the loop and easily pry it open without causing damage to the necklace. Having the set, with it's variety of types of tiny pliers made it easy to do this delicate work. These pliers are extremely well-made. They are sturdy, have a little spring loaded action and a non-slip coating that keeps them from sliding around in your hand at a critical moment. The case is another big plus. I have some other tool sets that came in flimsy plastic cases that soon cracked or broke at the hinges. The tools now lie scattered in my toolbox, making it hard to find the one I need. These tools are firmly strapped in all together in a heavy duty folding case. They'll be there when I need them for future jobs.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner December 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Catherine!!
  • Very Nice Practical Tools

    John Hinckley, 10/28/2017 Nice set, good quality - my wife will get good use from them as part of her counted cross-stitch pattern design business.
  • Pretty good tool

    Ed Lashley, 12/24/2016 Reasonably built and appear adequate based on limited initial use. I think that they are a bit overpriced, but hope that they will prove me wrong over time
  • Solid value

    Robert Thomley , 12/4/2016 Thought the finish would have been higher. The tools seem to be well enough made though and the case is nice. Decent value.
  • Mini-Pliers Set review

    Larry Paxton, 10/21/2016 Beautiful set. Nice to have them all in one case. Good price too.
  • Mini Plier/Cutter set with Mini Wire Shear

    Frank T Hunt, 6/7/2016 I love that they are all in one case which is easily stored and ready for use. It great to have all the different mini pliers all together and in easy reach while doing hobbies or repairing clocks.
  • Set of 6 pliers in case

    Bernie Kalmus, 3/4/2016 having all of these different style of pliers in one easy to carry case makes it really convenient to keep in my travel tool bag
  • Gift For An Artist

    Francisco, 9/27/2015 I have a lady friend who likes to make dangles and bobbles for the ears of lady friends. She understands the uses of tools and thinks in 3D. This set will inspire her to no end.
  • Good But Not Great Great

    John Wood, 4/9/2015 The pliers set is very comprehensive, but the overall quality is on the less than side. The shears are stiff and not a precision instrument. Overall this set is only adequate.
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