A More Complete First Aid Kit

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New A More Complete First Aid Kit
Designed to be what you need in remote circumstances
12A01.04 First Aid Kit (Red Pack)

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This style of First Aid Kit is modeled after what an armed-forces team might carry on maneuvers. Ease a minor discomfort – or save a life. The contents include all the essentials to prepare you for local or long-distance adventure. Keep one of these with your day pack, or in the back of the car or boat. Made of water-resistant nylon, size approx. 7” x 8” x 4-½. Straps on the back allow for easy belt or backpack carry.

Contents include wraps & gauzes; cold pack; gloves; antiseptic, alcohol & iodine wipes; lip balm; pain-relievers including Tylenol and burn creme; first-aid tape; tweezers & blunt-end safety scissors; and more. Always great to have around in an emergency in the field.

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