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A Real Solid Hand Drill
$ 14.95 49.90
These drills have been temporarily withdrawn from sale. Click here for a less expensive replacement.

Cast iron frame, double pinion gear, all wooden handles. Good solid 3/8" chuck. This requires a bit of breaking in for really smooth action, but will give you many years of service. A cast iron drill with two wood handles is next to impossible to find these days. Overall length: 12". Made in India.

For the Brad Point Drill Set: nothing fancy here, just a reasonable price for a reliable, everyday set. (See alternative images) Treat them well (watch for heat buildup) and they'll last and last. Drill set includes: 25 pieces, sized 1/8" to 1/2", with a reduced shank above 3/8" (fit all 3/8" drills). Made in China.

(Note: This is the same drill as 89B04.02 in the printed catalog.)
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