A Remarkable "Forever" Fly Swatter

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Sale A Remarkable "Forever" Fly Swatter
Long lasting - made of wood and wire
Real German Made Quality
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Hand made in Germany - this is like the Mercedes of fly swatters. Solid Beechwood 12" handle, metal ferrule and no fewer than 336 five inch long springy wires 0.0125" (0.3mm) thick (hand wrapped in 28 sections) make up the tool. It works like a charm, is exceptionally durable, and if not abused should last nearly forever. We are astonished by how good it feels in the hand. Obviously, with all this quality, it's got to cost a bit more, but then again, the value is very real. Get a couple and Save.

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  • Wire Fly Swatter

    Julia, 9/30/2017 Works extremely well, better than any other fly swatter. Purchased more for gifts. Only improvement could be to have hole in the top of handle to hang. We made one ourselves and now have it hanging up.
  • Built to last!

    Pam , 12/31/2016 All the family loved this flyswatter at Christmas. It is indeed quiet when it is moving swiftly through the air. It's built to last. Great purchase!
  • Could be better

    Geoffrey, 11/17/2016 Not as nice as I expected from the description. My main complaint is that the handle is too short. No hole at the end of the handle... First use, one of the wires broke which does not bode well for its durability. Great idea but just fair execution.
  • Cadillac of Fly Swats

    Sam, 7/31/2015 This fly swat was given to me as a gift. I think it is the best I have ever used. I haven't kept score, but my kill rate has to be 95%. It is rare that a fly escapes. I think the wire design cuts through the air without making a breeze, thereby catching the fly off guard. At any rate, it is well made and very effective.
  • Nearly Useless

    Jherek Swanger, 6/1/2013 I really wanted to like this swatter-- I'm generally impressed with the cliche' of quality German engineering and the notion of household objects that will outlive me. This swatter is sturdy enough, although the handle's a little short for my tastes. The problem is that the space between the wires is bigger than most flies. I've been using it for two to three weeks now, and have a kill rate of less than 50%. Much of the time the fly gets stuck briefly between the wires then buzzes loose. Usually it's stunned enough that I can chase it down again to hit it once or twice more to kill it, but that shouldn't be necessary. All told, this was a disappointment and a waste of money.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Wire Fly Swatter. We are sorry to hear you are not happy with it. Please feel free to return it using the label which was included and we will issue a full refund upon receipt. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Best swatter on the market.

    CJ, 3/17/2013 Finely made, with good balance and heft. Would recommend drilling a hole in the handle for hanging.
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