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02R01.04 Double-Stirrup Key Ring

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This story starts a few decades ago when our President was given a gift of a unique Key Ring which had two "stirrup" shaped holders connected by a short link chain. He put it to immediate use and has used it constantly ever since. Some years ago, it was put to use as a prop in one of our knife photos - and then the calls started coming in: "Do you carry that for your customers?" The answer, unfortunately, had to be "no."

But a chance meeting with the famous Danforth Pewter Co in Vermont began a project to get it remade. Here is the result. Months of field testing "in the pocket" have proved it a great success. Many Garrett Wade staff use it regularly. Now you can too. It's a great design, executed in a handsome, historic material and a fantastic value as a really special and useful gift. Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Not As Durable As It Seems

    Josh, 6/24/2020 I used this for several months. It eventually developed problems rendering it unusable. First, the "screw" for the small stirrup would not stay engaged and so the keys fell off. Then, second, I noticed that the stirrups themselves were not very sturdy and easily bent under minimal finger pressure. The concept is great. The materials need to be better.
  • My favorite keychain ever

    Odalys Diaz, 5/13/2020 I love this keyring. It is perfect for my Mini Cooper fob and I can use the smaller stirrup to embellish it with whatever I want, or with extra keys.
  • Unusual and useful

    Alison F, 5/4/2020 Love it, I have my bulky car key on the larger stirrup and housekeys on the other. It works well in my handbag taking up far less room as it 'folds in half'
  • Takes some getting used to but good product

    M , 2/2/2019 Didn't realize that the two stirrups were different sizes but I have made it work. So far so good.
  • Double shackle keyring

    Erik, 2/1/2019 I purchased this keyring so that I could separate my work keys from my car keys.i also wanted a keyring that was durable, masculine, and would fit neatly into my pocket. This is it !!.Additionally, it is very well made and has space for my keys as well as my pocket knife. Just what I was looking for.
    I highly recommend this both for personal use and as a gift that any guy would appreciate.
  • Simply terrific keyring

    Karen Foerster, 11/9/2018 Bought for my hubs for Christmas so I cannot say his thoughts. I liked it a lot online and more so after recvd. It's definitely a conversation piece that's practical.
  • Double Stirrup Key Ring

    Donna Walker, 11/4/2018 Interesting, but I have not used it long enough to rate durability.
  • Not durable

    gary, 7/31/2018 Other reviews are correct. Threads work loose after a month. If you put a non- permanent compound on the threads and try to remove the screw to add or take off keys the head twists off. For that price they should be made of a tougher metal other than "pot-metal"
  • Key Ring

    Lou, 5/6/2018 Their ok, wish it was bigger to hold more keys..
  • Just needs to be a touch stronger and it will be perfect!

    Erika Mekosh, 5/5/2018 This is one of the coolest keyrings ever. I bought it as a gift for my husband and he just loves it. But after having t for a few months, he’s come up with a few “issues” that he would love to see worked on for future purchases. When it comes, it’s perfect. Attach your keys and screw it back together, and viola....beautiful. After about a month, the pewter gives a little (as it will because it’s a very soft metal) and the pin loosens a touch and you’ll need to tighten the screws holding your keys, or you’ll loose them. But beyond that, this is a cool design and a great gift idea for the man who literally has everything! Thanks for the great gift!
  • Cool key ring

    G.C., 12/7/2017 Really unique rugged key ring
  • Excellent key ring

    Andy Sharpe, 11/30/2017 I like it. The keys are not hard to remove like other key tings it is well. Constructed.
  • Please, OFFER IN BRASS!

    Danise, 10/22/2017 My husband and I both love this key ring, but we wish it were offered in brass as well as the pewter. I gave my husband one several years ago. Unfortunately, he found that the pewter was too soft to keep the keys securely on. He “fixed” it with some very strong glue, which worked great until he had to change the keys. It had to be cut. If it were made in brass we would each have one. Also, brass would be more like a real shackle. As sailors, we saw shackles , not stirrups. The design is great; the material - not so much for this item.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your suggestion! It's been passed along for consideration.

  • There when you need it

    Arthur, 4/10/2017 My daughter just had to have it for her keys, thought it was the cutest thing. She uses it all the time as it is readily at hand.
  • Safe an Secure.

    Randy, 4/2/2017 Safe and Secure. Sturdy, keeps your car key away from your house keys
  • Should've used brass...

    Jeremy Thorpe, 2/6/2017 I absolutely loved this concept but they shouldve used brass because the pewter bends after some use and the keychain becomes very loose and doesn't funtion properly. Ill say it again though. I did love the keychain at the beginning! Use brass and charge a little more and have something that lasts for years.
  • Stylish and Sturdy

    P Kav, 1/20/2017 I've had my eye on this key ring for some time now. I ordered it when my last key ring finally gave out after about 10 years. This one is stylish and sturdy, and I believe it will last me another 10 years or more.
  • Thing of Beauty and Simplicity

    Elizabeth, 12/24/2016 Great Key ring for my Husband. Sturdy and attractive, perfect for the man who doesn't need to carry a massive amount of keys.
  • stirrup keychain

    matt gyorog, 12/12/2016 Christmas shopping with your catalog, and just had to buy the keychain for myself! love the pewter, so much classier than the cheapo ring my keys have been on for years.
  • Love the pewter key ring!

    Madelene Lyon, 9/23/2016 I looked at this key ring for quite a while before ordering it (them). They are very attractive and will make great gifts! Pewter is way up there in my preference of metal items! (I may not give both of them away. One will hold my car keys!)

    Courtney, 6/7/2016 i am in law enforcement and ordered this key ring because i have an antique pair of hand restraints that resemble the key ring. i absolutely love it and its nostalgia. i should have ordered more as gifts.....
  • key ring

    terry davis, 3/4/2016 i love the quality and usefulness. has helped me consolidate my keys. great product.
  • Just what I wanted

    Douglas, 3/4/2016 works well
  • Great for limited number of keys

    Hele , 2/28/2016 I actually love this key holder. Only problem is that after putting 4 keys on it, it does not hold up very well. The pin in the larger horseshoe wore terribly and bent making it no longer useable. I hope they have an additional pin to send so that I can continue to use it. I will say that they knife has been the most useable item that I have had in ages.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your review on the Key Ring. Please give our technician a call at -1-800-221-2942. He will be able to help you obtain the part you need.
  • Great Keychains!

    Mike, 9/15/2015 My mom, uncle, and I own the Tiffany version made out of Sterling Silver. They're nearly identical, beside the imprinted name, material, and the chain between the 2 shackles. I saw these came out around Christmas time several years ago. For some reason I kept delaying the purchase. I just ordered 2. My uncle is no longer with us. My mom is happy these are still made, as they are our favorite keychains. They are made well, very unique, and expect to get compliments from using them.
  • Key Knife

    Julie, 3/9/2015 Beautiful well made brass....lovely.
  • Beautifully Made!

    Ben Holub, 1/12/2015 I knew these little key rings would be nice so I ordered one for me and one to give away. What I didn't realize was how impressed I would be with the quality. These are so carefully made that you can tighten them with your fingers, and just at the end you feel tension that increases to ensure it will not back out until you unscrew it.
  • Top Quality

    P Henderson, 1/12/2015 Everything that I have so far purchased from GW have well constructed QUALITY products -- these are no different -- solid, double screw pin -- everything you'd expect for a quality place! I will be ordering more of these and other things as well -- top notch!
  • Awesome

    Mary, 12/30/2014 I was impressed with the key knife, it looks just like a real key. Good quality, should last many years,
  • Love It

    Helen, 10/28/2014 LOVE this because it is easy to keys off and on. I will say that I combined two of the key rings. The monkey fist one did not take the keys on the pin so I switched/combined them. I put the monkey ball on the small side and keys on the other. Makes it easy to find.
  • Cheap

    Kevin, 7/1/2014 I purchased a dual set of these for a Fathers day gift several years ago. I gave one to my father and the second I tossed in my desk drawer and finally put it in use a couple weeks ago. I guess the claim to fame of this product was the great design" Not quite the case. The screws which hold the keys in place frequently came undone and I happen to accidentally lose my house key, which happen to keep me locked out of my house overnight. I called costumer service in hopes of a little sympathy, hoping for an exchange or refund, however, they stated nothing could be done even though I had just taken the item out of the box recently....not quite he costumer service I was hoping for. I definitely would not recommend this product and am having my doubts ever shopping at Garret and Wade again. "
  • Pocket Knife

    Richard Deible, 6/9/2014 Exactly what I expected. Delivered promptly. High quality product.
  • Awesome

    Les Kaap, 1/11/2014 These two key rings along with the Monkey Fist key ring, has replaced a key-ring I had, making the key ring I have a lot better. I am sure I will probably look for ways to make it even better . This is the first time I have seen these type of key rings and I Like them a whole lot. The quality is superb and the performance will last a very long time.
  • Nr 1 Key Ring in World

    Bill, 1/1/2014 Really appreciated the accompanying information about how to tighten down the shackle pin so as to not loose a key on it's maiden use voyage. Additionally, it is a quality piece of personal hardware (jewelry) for a guy to tote around and show off in front of envious buddies.
  • Returned Item

    Charles Britt, 12/11/2013 This item was as advertised, however, I changed my mind and sent item back. Garrett Wade issued a very prompt refund with no problems at all. They stand behind their word!
  • Great but...

    John J Homola, 10/23/2013
  • Quality not there

    Shawn Woolley, 9/15/2013 Don't be fooled these are a wonderful design however the cheap pot metal doesn't hold up. I bought the first one in 2010 it lasted four months before it was stripped out and unusable. We bought a cabin last year and my wife bought a second one to try knowing I loved it and would love one side for my home one for cabin. I babied it and never over tightened it Nd still right at three months I lost the pin and a cabin shed key. Same reason just pocket stress will be to much. These are still an amazing design but pot metal isn't for key chains unless its to hang spares on a hook and never carry you will have it fail eventually. If this was made out of decent metal I'd buy my third today but sadly they don't change it.
  • Discreet Backup

    OB Don, 8/19/2013 I don't use a key knife as my primary pocketknife, but keep one on my keyring for those occasions when carrying a larger piece is impractical or neglected. The missus also carries one on her keyring, but uses it so seldom she sometimes forgets it's there. Like the last time she flew commercially, undetected. She was mortified, of course, after she realized what happened, but it's still on her keyring.
  • Great

    Dan Westphal, 4/18/2013 I have been using this key ring for a little over a week now. I was a little hesitant after reading some of the other reviews on how the pins fall out and get lost, but I followed the included instructions and have had not noticed the pins loosening at all. Great key ring, you will not be disappointed!
  • Great

    Dan Westphal, 4/13/2013 I have been using this key ring for a little over a week now. I was a little hesitant after reading some of the other reviews on how the pins fall out and get lost, but I followed the included instructions and have had not noticed the pins loosening at all. Great key ring, you will not be disappointed!
  • Best Gosh Darn Key Chain

    J Sullivan, 4/2/2013 Best gosh darn key chain around. After being told about Garrett Wade and shopping online, I tried to find a cheaper alternative. Bottom line - accept no substitute. This is the real deal, worth every penny, double-stirrup key ring. Looks great and works well. When people inquire about my double-stirrup key ring, they might think to themselves, did he get that at a professional key shop. No! It's from Garrett Wade. Order one today and you will not be disappointed, unless you wanted the key knife, also, which says Item Currently Unavailable!""
  • The Perfect Key Ring

    David X. Silverstone, 2/5/2013 The Double Stirrup is just the type of key ring I have always tried to make for years. It lets me easily remove my house and garage keys from my bulky electronic car key. Whenever we park in a garage in the City, all I want to give the attendant is the car key. The Double Stirrup is perfect for that need.
  • Great Key Ring

    Mary, 2/5/2013 Bought one for my son for his birthday. Now I need to buy another one for the husband. Might as well buy two more, I'm sure there is an uncle or cousin that will want one too.
  • Excellent Gift Choice

    John Corbett, 12/31/2012 I recently purchased three of your German made key knives. The knives were very well made, and made excellent gifts. Your delivery was very prompt as usual. I really appreciate your quality products, and your prompt delivery service. yours truly J.E. Corbett.
  • Follow Up

    Robert (Bob) Hooper, 11/18/2012 I did not intend that Garrett Wade send me a replacement ring, I was responsible for the loss of the pin, my remark was for the lack of response, not the product. My hope was, still is, that Garrett Wade purchase a small number of pins, both sizes, and offer them for sale so the klutz (me in particular) would have replacement pins when (not if, when) I lose more, I would have the replacement. I love the key ring, and have had several people ask from whence it came. Bob

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for following up on your previous review. Your suggestion about carrying extra parts for the Key Ring is very helpful and we  have passed it on so that it may be considered. We hope you enjoy the Key Ring for some time to come.
  • Nice but

    Robert, 11/3/2012 Nice but..I to lost the pin for the small stirrup, and asked via the contact us link if I could buy a replacement pin, 3 days later I am still waiting for a reply. I like it, would love to have a replacement pin, or even 2 as I have ordered 2 additional rings. Not the level of support I have grown accustomed to a Garrett Wade. Bob

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry that you had some trouble getting the part needed for this item. A new key ring is on its way to you.
  • Very Overated

    R. G., 10/1/2012 Bought this a few yrs ago. Within a yr after very little use the blade does not stay perpendicular. Cheaply made.
  • piece of overpriced junk

    arcdude, 3/27/2012 I cannot believe the other reviews on this site. I bought three of these knives from Garrett-Wade, one for myself and two more for gifts. On all three of them, the spring broke within a couple of months. Not only does the knife no longer stay closed in your pocket, but when opened it does not stay in position and the blade keeps rotating until it is way over on the other side, making it completely useless.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Key Knife. We are sorry to hear that you (as well as those who received this item as a gift) experienced trouble with it. We have sold thousands of these and haven't had this complaint.
    We have informed our product specialist of this issue and were told that this item is made for light duty and occasional use.  Please feel free to return them using the pre-paid label which came with your order and we will issue you a refund. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Old Scout

    Dan, 12/6/2011 An old scout never leaves home without a knife and a bandanna. Air travel makes keeping a knife as a constant companion an issue, but the key knife solves that dilemma. Now I'm always prepared.
  • Mr

    Shawn Woolley, 12/4/2011 A memo on use doesn't change the fact that the casting is of such poor material that this product is impossible to use. I was able to use the keychain for only a few weeks before the threads had been stripped to the point that the keys fall. spreading the yoke doesn't help since the material is too weak to be in a pocket without bending. This type of poor quality product has prevented me from purchasing any other tools from your company.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts on the Double Stirrup Key Ring. We are very sorry that you were not happy with it.

    Please feel free to return the key ring for a full refund. We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you.
  • Disappointed

    Jim S., 8/21/2011 I was excited to try this keychain out, but I have been disappointed from the moment I received it. It is difficult to get to your keys (unlike a round keychain) and you cannot grip the top of your key easily. I keep this keychain in my briefcase 90% of the time, and it still cannot handle being handled." The screws holding the keys in the stirrups constantly unscrew, and the one on the smaller stirrup fell out and I lost two keys. I am currently looking for a better, more durable and stronger keychain. This one is "cute" but it is a novelty keychain--not suited to regular duty usage.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review on our Double-Stirrup Key Ring. We are sorry that you are unsatisfied with this Key Ring.

    Unfortunately at the time you placed your order the new memo regarding proper use was not yet written. We have issued you a full refund for this tool.

    Garrett Wade
  • Great little knife

    Jerry Ward, 8/17/2011 This Key shaped pocked knife is really nice and useful in so many ways. Having it on my key ring makes it so nice. It's very sharp and just enough when traveling. Very well made.
  • Garrett Wade Key Ring

    Jery Ward, 8/11/2011 The key ring is very well made, but it's very heavy to carry around and doesn't hold enough keys. I need to use it for awhile to make sure it doesn't come apart. The way the key ring closes seems ok but I don't trust it yet.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Dear Jerry,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to review our Double Stirrup Key Ring. I'm not sure if you received the memo that is included with the key rings so here it is. I believe this will address your concern about the way the key ring closes:

    The threading on the pins need to have a little pressure on them to stay secure. (This is true of any nut-and-bolt fitting.) Here's what to do. It will only take you a minute or two at the most. Remove all the keys and test each pin by screwing it home. The shoulder of each pin should bottom out" against the side of the shackle with about one and a half to two full turns of thread remaining. Then as you turn in the final two rotations, the sides of the shackle are forced slightly outward and some "springy" pressure develops in the body of the shackle between its threads and those of the pin. It is this tension (or pressure) that keeps the pin firmly in place so it does not accidentally unwind. If you see that there are less than two full turns remaining after you have done the "test", simply mechanically spread the arms of the shackle slightly with another tool (a pair of pliers may work well) until they are positioned better. You should be able to do this without difficulty. Test again, and you should be fine.

    Garrett Wade -
  • Great Design

    Shawn, 7/22/2011 A great design one of my favorite keychain designs ever. Sadly the quality is so bad that it can't be used. The material is so cheaply made that it bends even with light use and the threads pop. Even with lactate and constantly tightening and shimming the threads it won't hold a key. What a waste of a good idea.
  • One Flaw

    Rick, 7/15/2011 I bought these last Christmas for my father and father-in-law, and one for myself. We all love the unique, but I've definitely had issues with the soft metal and the threads stripping. I almost lost my house keys once because one of the screws came out, but fortunately it fell off while my car key was in the ignition. I've recently replaced the loosest screw with a similar-sized machine screw. It stays on fine, but it's difficult to remove...which kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Disappointed to the Max

    Liz and Bill, 6/5/2011 We purchased two of your A Simply Terrific Key Ring". The first one failed in a few months- the pin backed out of the anvil and the keys fell off. The second one lasted a year longer, but the same problem occurred. You can pull the pin out- the threads do not hold and my keys fell off. Very disappointed in the performance. "
  • Great Design

    JR, 3/25/2011 Bad Choice of Metal
  • Locktite

    James Earl, 3/5/2011 What's the point of using locktite to lock the threads? When the point of the stirrup keyring would be the ability to easily separate your keys (eg engine running - need to go back inside)
  • Thrilled!!

    Joe Bucci, 1/27/2011 A very dear friend of mine's Father gave me one of these 'Key-Knifes' 30 Years ago (This year). - I live in NH, and we just got slammed with a TON of snow, and I 'lost' the knife in the snow! (I was 'Heart-Broken). :( Garrett Wade to the Rescue! I found them (and the Key) online, and I immediately Ordered it! - It arrived inside of 2 weeks. Quality is 'Identically' as excellent as my 'old' one, (If not Better!) and the Customer Service people are ALL *very* nice too! You can't go wrong with this Knife! And you can't go wrong with Garrett Wade! IMHO, a Top Notch" Company! Thank you, Joe Bucci"
  • Not for travel

    Dr. Ron, 1/11/2011 The quality is better than similar items I've seen. I belatedly asked a TER agent patient of mine if I can travel with it, and the unfortunate answer is no. Since I travel by air several times a month, it's bound to be confiscated eventually when I forget I left it on my keychain.
  • pocket key knife

    Larry Omoto, 12/23/2010 Makes a nifty gift that is unique and useful. Nice, solid construction. Purchased several including one for myself.
  • When is a Key Not a Key?

    Terrie Kurrasch, 12/23/2010 This great little knife looks just like a key and fits easily on a key ring. It's not heavy and the blade is just the right size for small jobs. (But don't forget to remove it before going through air port security!)
  • Only One Concern

    Dave, 12/17/2010 I love the concept, the workmanship, and the materials. The only problem I have is that the metal in the horseshoes gives" too easily and does not maintain enough pressure on the screws to keep them from loosening. I will try some Loctite Threadlocker, or something comparable, to fix the screws so they won't loosen and fall out."
  • Key Ring Unique

    W. Better, 12/15/2010 The Simply Terrific Key Ring is the epitomy of the unique tools and items that Garrett Wade continues to offer. The craftsmanship is first rate and the look and feel are wonderful.
  • Splendid

    Paul Wish, 12/13/2010 Great
  • Great Gifts

    Peggy, 12/2/2010 Love the look and they work great. These will be this years stocking stuffers.
  • Very Bendable

    Bendable, 11/24/2010 I bought two of these key chains and good thing I only use one for a car and house key. I can't keep anymore keys on it since the pewter bends so easily that even with light use it bends in your front pocket. I think it is the seat belt when I am a passenger. If I kept my work keys on one then the threads would have stripped by now. They really aren't for any hard use which they seem to be designed for. The pewter should be replaced with a stronger metal.
  • Excellent Service

    Janet Lewis, 11/22/2010 I have ordered from Garrett Wade many times over the past few years. I have always received excellent service and the products are top of the line. You can't go wrong with Garrett Wade!!!
  • lil" knife not from China"

    Bob R, 10/19/2010 Nice little key shaped knife, easy to carry and handy.....
  • Soft Metal

    Gretchen, 10/18/2010 I love the look and feel of this key ring! But it's made from a soft metal (pewter?) and after only a few weeks I'm already fearful of the threading soon being stripped. I haven't worked with pewter but I know it's work softened so I'm not sure how well this key ring will hold up over time.
  • Tough Little Knife

    Gary E. Hogan, 9/3/2010 I was a little worried about this little knife because I felt the price was to expensive, for such a small knife. However this little knife is 'Tough' as you will find in any small knife this size. It is very small just right for the key-ring. But it will indeed get any job for it size done. I am a knife collector, so I was overly impressed with the power of it's performance. I do plan to buy a few more for myself and some friends and family.
  • Handy Little Knife

    NB, 7/2/2010 Great weight, great quality, and fits right on the key chain, so I can always have a small blade on hand without having extra bulk in the pocket. Will purchase a few more as gifts.
  • An excellent tool when you need it!

    Dr. Jordan Moller, 6/5/2010 I've had one of these for many years, until I finally wore it out (but we're talking over 30 years of use, folks!). Bought three more, just to make sure I'll always have one handy. Excellent craftsmanship!
  • Threads Stripped

    Brian Watson, 6/3/2010 I got one of these key rings about six months ago. The threads on the small stirrup are now completely stripped so that the pin can be pulled straight out. The pin in the larger stirrup has started to show some stripping. It's not worth $18.50 for a keyring that lasts only six months.
  • Great Key Ring

    Mark Claypool, 5/25/2010 I received this key ring fro Xmas. It is a very nice, high quality item. Be careful though, the metal is soft enough to bend. Unfortunately, I dropped mine just as I was closing the rear door of my SUV and it got mangled when the door closed on it. I will have to cut it apart to get my keys off. My fault thought, cool keyring!
  • the handiest key

    Cindy, 5/19/2010 The key shaped pocket knife is the best key on my key ring. Recently had a car breakdown with a hose connector that broke I needed to cut out the old connector and replace it with the body of an ink pen just to get me to the shop for a repair. I was able to use the key knife to accomplish the temporary repair, saving me the cost of a tow and a hassle. Thanks for making such a handy tool.
  • Diversity in a Keyring

    Cindy, 5/19/2010 This key ring was a lucky find. I needed a new key ring that separated my keys and this ring keeps me organized and provides an easy way of separating the keys when needed.
  • Perfect Little knife

    Lynne Andrews, 5/11/2010 Like so many other tools from Garrett Wade, this perfect little key-knife is one of those things you just can't put down. You will love the feel of it. You hold it and love it and treasure it. You put it in your favorite place in your purse or car. Then you just know you HAVE to order more for only your most special friends. My doctor, my sons, my sister and of course another one for myself. Every time Garrett Wade has a sale, I am compelled to order another few. You will too.
  • Tough little knife

    Alan - Computer Tech, 4/18/2010 I thought I'd try this knife because of its compact size and ability to stay on my key ring. I kind of figured it would fall apart after awhile. I've used it every day for over two years and it's as strong, tight and sharp as when I got it. I cut cardboard, tape, and straps with it. Pretty darned good! I gave one to my son and one to a friend.
  • Great Quality

    CC, 2/28/2010 Great quality and a beautiful product. I have given several as gifts and have only gotten enthusiastic thanks.
  • Not Confidence Inspiring

    Steve Fayer, 12/30/2009 The old-fashioned wood-handled (tank crew) screwdrivers were great. But the design of the stirrup key ring gives one pause. Unlike the illustration, the stirrups actually curve so the contact when tightening is not 100%. The large stirrup works okay. But the smaller one already feels stripped" after a tight fit was attempted.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry that this one customer had a bad experience with the Key Ring. The threading on the pins need to have a little pressure on them to stay secure. (This is true of any nut-and-bolt fitting.) Here's what to do. It will only take you a minute or two at the most. Remove all the keys and test each pin by screwing it home. The shoulder of each pin should "bottom out" against the side of the shackle with about one and a half to two full turns of thread remaining. Then as you turn in the final two rotations, the sides of the shackle are forced slightly outward and some "springy" pressure develops in the body of the shackle between its threads and those of the pin. It is this tension (or pressure) that keeps the pin firmly in place so it does not accidentally unwind. If you see that there are less than two full turns remaining after you have done the "test", simply mechanically spread the arms of the shackle slightly with another tool (a pair of pliers may work well) until they are positioned better. You should be able to do this without difficulty. Test again, and you should be fine. If, in the future, you notice that one of the pins has become "loose", take the step in the second paragraph above to set things right again."
  • Key Ring Review

    John J, 12/29/2009 I received this as a xmas gift this year. It is really cool and absolutely unique. Jewelry quality level. However, pewter is bendable, my recommendation is get all the keys on exactly the way you want. Then apply removable lock tight to the (blue formula)to the threads and let it cure 20 hours. That locks them in. On mine, the bolts would turn somewhat if not real tight. And you don't want to tighten them too much as that will bend the stirrups in.
  • Hit of Christmas '09

    Janet, 12/25/2009 Wow. Key knives were the hit of the Christmas gift exchange this year. The quality was appreciated and I liked the charm of the key as a hidden knife! Thanks for the great gift!
  • Typical German Quality

    MSquare, 12/20/2009 This is a beautiful knife. I'd already ordered one formeself and when they went on sale, I ordered three more for my buds. This is a knife you will not be embarrassed to have on your keychain or to give as a gift. People guess a much higher price than I paid for it when they admire it!
  • Unique Gift

    James R. Kobleur, 10/28/2009 I have ordered over 50 of these knives. I have my web page engraved on them (by a local jeweler) and give them to my best customers. They have been very well received. I also carry one on my key ring and I promise that once you have it for a few weeks you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • Great buy

    Mike, 10/22/2009 A great example of German percision workmanship. Well worth the price.
  • Sharp Knife

    Hogme, 4/15/2009 I bought three of these for myself & two gifts. I'm very impressed with the sharpness of the knife & convenience. I've had regular pen knifes that were not this sharp. Very good quality. It stays in my pocket attached to my key fob. I always know where a pen knife is.
  • A Gentleman Always Carries a Pocket Knife

    Chester Johnson, 4/15/2009 The title of this review refers to an oft repeated statement of my father which was completed by, and a hankerchief." No matter how old I've become or how far from home I have traveled, this was one adage from which I could not escape. So imagine my frustration when a cowardly act against our Nation resulted in policies that, under certain circumstances that will go unidentified, prohibited me from following the direction of my male parent. Fortunately, the same policies did not ban hankerchiefs. At those times when I was without a pocket knife I literally felt naked. That's the primary reason this is my favorite tool. It has proven to be the one pocket knife I don't have to be without! In addition, it is handsome, well made, and performs all the functions required of a quality pen knife. "
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