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A Wonderful, Unique German-Made Bird House
$ 22.00 72.50
We found this in Germany, and it has many unique features officially recognized widely in Europe and by birding associations here in the USA. It was developed in consultation with leading European ornithologists, conservationists and forestry experts. The house’s material is a proprietary blend of 75% wood and various concrete-based additives that provide insulation against temperature fluctuations, allow air to pass through the walls, and prevent condensation.

Its unique shape serves as an eye catcher on the side of a building or shed. Mount ideally 5 to 15 ft off the ground with the entrance hole facing SE or SW. The reusable Nest Depot (shown) is filled with kapok and wadding which birds of all types will readily use to construct their nests.

This Bird House – simple to install, inspect and clean – is environmentally friendly and should last 20-25 years. It is very suitable for the various varieties of Titmouse, Redstarts, Nuthatch, Flycatchers, Sparrows, Wrens and others. Personal experience here confirms that it gives great pleasure to watch the process of “real estate” choosing and nest building, the later tweets of chicks, and the back and forth of parents bringing food to the babies – all taking place over several months. Two and even three Bird Houses hung in the same area just multiple the pleasure.
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