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23E01.11 Household Erasers

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23E01.21 Household Erasers (2 Sets)

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Erasers are really pretty mundane items - until you need a special one to solve a problem and really good ones have become increasingly hard to find. We have discovered a German firm by the name of Laufer that is famous for its unusual range of natural rubber and synthetic cleaning erasers.

The Accident Eraser Set contains 4 specially developed erasers to remove marks and dirt from difficult-to-clean surfaces. The leather eraser can even be used with suede. The metal cleaner will remove stubborn stains. The wallpaper works on stains, remains of labels, colored pens and crayon. And the floor cleaner works on all wood and plastics.

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Overall Rating
  • Accident Eraser Set

    James Keller, 5/15/2018 Used the leather eraser on a spot oncar seat leather. Worked great!
  • Accident eraser set

    Keith, 12/9/2017 Bought as a gift for my wife. Yet to hear how they work
  • Wallpaper eraser works

    Debbie, 8/11/2017 I tried the wallpaper eraser which, slightly moistened, did remove some spots on the paper. I haven't had need yet of the other erasers - I tried them on some stains on painted wood and they did nothing. I bought these with BOGO offer, so it was a good try.
  • Eraser Removes Mysterious Stain

    Madelyn Perry, 1/2/2017 The first thing I did was "erase" a mysterious white stain after laundering a black cotton tee. Amazing! The stain is gone.
  • Keep it clean

    Stephen J, 5/8/2016 The Leather Eraser didn't damage my dress shoes! Unbelievable!!! Chemical cleaners always either damaged the finish, or hardened the leather!! The Plastic Eraser worked great!! Plastic is far too easy to scratch or dull with most chemical or abrasive cleaners! I never used the Wallpaper Eraser since I don't have any Wallpaper.
  • Unique Erasers

    Florian, 4/10/2016 Removed a stain from a pistol that was marred by a cheap holster. Solvents and metal polish made no difference but the metal eraser did the trick, shined up with a little gun oil to finish. All of the erasers work as hoped. A half price offer on one set made it an easy decision.
  • Erasing My Mistakes

    Rory, 1/17/2014 A great collection of something you don't think you need until you have it. Nice collection.
  • Erase Problems

    Gregory D. McPherson, 10/18/2013 I have only tried 2 of the 4, but I can say that the metal and floor erasers are great. First I tried the metal cleaner on a very old drill that had rusted and been cleaner a little. The eraser seemed to polish the steel. I then tried it on a metal ruler and it looks like new. The floor cleaner picked up scuff marks quickly and left no visible marks. A great product.
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