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Winter Sale Adjustable Fret Saw
Flexibility & control for delicate work
14I01.06 36 tpi 5-in Jewellers' Metal Piercing (12 pack)

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This type of Adjustable Fret Saw is used extensively in the jewelry trade and has over the years become our go-to handsaw for the most delicate work in both metal and wood. The two adjusting sections slide smoothly together to hold blades 2" to 6" in length. Blade clamps will hold any non-pinned (flat) fret blade of any tpi configuration. Comfortable 4-1/2" black wood handle. Dimensions 12-1/2" x 5'.

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  • Jewelry, exotic wood and metal adjustable Fret or exotic coping saw.

    Martin H Eastburn, 11/19/2016 Small diameter blades. Variable length allowed. If blade breaks, then clamp shorter. Has a nice depth of cut and sliding bar with end stops. Flat blades or round blades are possible. Pins are not used or wanted. Jewelry or exotic wood cutting is possible.
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