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Advanced Borescope Inspection System
This item is no longer available. A newer version of this product is available for purchase here.

For mechanics, builders, or any DIY'er who needs to see inside really confined spaces, there is simply nothing like this - a truly useful tool that seems almost magical, and is also a heck of a lot of fun to use. It's like a combination periscope, telescope, and microscope. Use this inspection system to see behind or under heavy objects (like washing machines), or to look down drain pipes to find lost screws, tools, and jewelry. See inside wall cavities by drilling a tiny 3/8" diameter hole.

With the aid of the latest tech breakthroughs, this Upgraded Model 280 brings you even more features and improved performance. The standard 39" Probe is 25 thinner (9 mm), there are adjustable LEDs in the camera head to illuminate dark areas, you get a jack enabling video connection to any NTSC television, the hand held control has redesigned buttons enabling easier zoom imaging and easier 180° image flip, and (very important) you get much improved video display.
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