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Advanced Design LED Head Lamp
$ 62.5000
The Advanced Head Lamp now has dual simultaneous adjustable angle light sources: (1) the traditional distance spot plus (2) an additional lens with an “orange peel” surface that provides close broad area illumination. This innovation provides the best possible light both close up and at a distance without any need to adjust the focus. In addition, lumen output is now not only more flexible with a “moonlight” selection, the maximum output is higher: 5, 100, 350 and 500 lumens.

This Advanced Model continues to have the IR control feature that allows you to turn the light on or off with a simple wave of your hand. (This feature can also be “disabled” at any time if you would prefer button control.) And as before, the permanent battery is fully rechargeable using a micro-USB port for the battery pack and a standard USB port that can be plugged into a power source or laptop or desktop computer. A new charging feature is 4-level battery level indicator that will beep when the charged level drops below 10%. Highly recommended for camping, maintenance, fishing, hiking or other interior or exterior activities that require a hands-free light source.
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