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23T01.20 Advanced Tool Kit

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This is a set of small-scale tools that we recommend highly. the Advanced Tool Kit has specialist tools we believe will rapidly prove their worth as your work progresses in model building. Pairs wonderfully with our tools found in our Essential Tool Kit.Essential Tool Kit.

Includes a keel/hull clamp, a small Archimedes hand drill with 10 mini-bits, a mini pry bar set, 4 ½” diagonal cutting pliers, a 3” table vise and a double “helping-hands” with a 2 ½” magnifying glass.

  • Keel/Hull Clamp Support

  • Small Archimedes Hand Drill

  • Two #80 (.014") Drill Bits

  • Two #70 (.028") Drill Bits

  • Two #65 (.035") Drill Bits

  • Two #56 (.047") Drill Bits

  • Two #55 (.055") Drill Bits

  • Mini Chisel/Pry Bar Set

  • 4-1/2" Diagonal Cutting Pliers

  • 3" Mini Table Vise

  • Double Helping Hands

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