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All-Go Adjustable Pry Bar
$ 29.9500
When it comes to demolition, a good pry bar is essential and this one is a real keeper. The jaw capacity is sized correctly for handling up to standard 4 x 4 lumber, and the inside faces of the jaws are serrated to aid in gripping. One end is a standard catspaw that will grab nails or pry apart boards and lumber. The other has a right-angled foot for lifting nails, as well as a hard strike plate on the back in case you need to “encourage” a stubborn piece. Notably, the foot comes apart in two sections, in adjustable locking half-inch increments, giving you a super strong set of jaws to aid in grabbing or twisting items that won’t give, or when aligning slightly skewed boards or beams during construction.

We love building things here at Garrett Wade, but we admit we also love tearing things apart, and for those jobs we really like this tool. Very impressive.

20” Overall Length, Jaw Capacity: closed, then ⅝” to 3 ½” (in ½” increments)
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