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Multitool, 2 Knives and a Belt Watch
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It's hard to imagine anyone not being pleased with this set of personal tools, with the belt watch as a dividend. The folding Multitool has 9 accessory functions, including the pliers. The Multiblade Knife has 11 accessories, in addition to the main 2-1/4" blade. The one-handed liner-lock pocket knife has hardwood grips and a 2-1/2" blade. And its all packed in a wood box. The Set is a great value - a lot of bang for the buck.
Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • The guys loved this

    Dee, 12/27/2018 Bought this for my Father-in-law who basically has everything. He loved all the gadgets it came with and said he was planning on keeping it in his fifth wheel so when he traveled he would have almost anything he needed while on the road. I also got one for my husband and son-in-law. Both thought it was great! HIghly recommend for any guy on your list.
  • Great Guy Gift

    Charlene Eshleman , 12/22/2018 Excellent gift for all the guys on your list. The ladies in the office pitched in to get this for our boss. It’s beautifull packaged in a neat little wooden box. And he loved all the tools in it. We were all impressed. I plan to order more of these for next year, for all the guys in the family!
  • Quality gifts

    James, 12/19/2018 Excellent gift for christmas
  • A great gift for guys.

    Glenn Bowman, 12/11/2018 My son the doctor maybe one smart fellow who makes me proud, but this gift fills a valuable nitch even his dad would appreciate receiving: Reliable and well made pocket tool we'll never outgrow.
  • A great gift

    Marie Amarante, 12/10/2018 Bought this for a gift for my grandson. It looks great!
  • buyer

    pete, 12/7/2018 just what i needed as a gift
  • All in one gift set

    Robert, 12/5/2018 Very nice item, great gift
  • Great Guy Gift

    Tom, 12/2/2017 I ordered for me and one as a Christmas gift for a friend. It's a good thing I did, or I would have just kept it! Gorgeous and great knives. The watch is a fun bonus.
  • bought several

    Mary, 11/17/2017 Great...for all the nephews
  • All In One Holiday Gift Set

    Dean Clark, 7/25/2017 Several months ago I made a purchase of several items, one of them being the All In One Gift set. The set was back ordered and scheduled to be shipped when in stock. Each month I would receive a status report as to it's availability. Just last week I received the Set and couldn't be happier. I was given the opportunity to cancel the order each month and have my account credited or wait until the item became available for delivery. I chose to wait and am glad I did. The items in the Set are of the finest quality and has a very sexy appearance. I very much appreciate Garrett Wade sticking with me and keeping me informed of the status of my order. I have the utmost confidence in Garrett Wade to make good on their product orders, knowing I haven't been forgotten. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
  • Nice Case and Tools

    Gary, 12/26/2016 The watch keeps time very well and is easy to read. It swivels so you can keep the crystal against your pants to avoid scratching, The case and knives are better than expected.
  • Handy

    Gary, 12/26/2016 The magnification is not too powerful so it is easy to focus. The light is bright which makes this handy.
  • All in One Great Deal

    Mark Sweberg, 12/19/2016 This was a gift for my best friend. I expected the quality to be very good, based on my past experiences with Garrett Wade purchases and I am not disappointed. The materials are quality and each component of the set is useful and handy. This exceeded my expectations to my delight and my friend's satisfaction and pleasure.
  • Perfect gifts for two of my relatives!

    Bernardo R Lozano, 12/13/2016 I purchased the first set as a birthday gift and it was received with much joy and surprise. The second set is a Christmas gift, so no word yet.
  • Great Gift

    A Midkiff, 12/6/2016 Classic and timeless.
  • Gift Set

    Terry Dickerson, 11/21/2016 This is a beautiful gift set. The items are useful and of high quality. The beautiful box holds the items snuggly with no shifting. Though very pretty with fine finish they a sturdy and can be used as tools should be. You will not be disappointed.
  • Gift Set

    Sonny, 10/22/2016 Very nice wooden box, hard to get items out.
  • Multi Gift kit

    Barbara Thompson, 10/21/2016 One or four great gifts. I broke this set down and filled four gift requests, plus I had a handy wooden box for myself! For this discounted price you can't go wrong! Each piece is well made, attractively designed and the watch on fob even came with a working battery! Another win win from Garrett Wade!
  • No Title

    Roger J. Leo, 9/19/2016 I bought this set primarily as a Christmas present for family. The finish and cutting edges are good to excellent and the overall product is well made. The set is a very good value at this price level.
  • Great quality

    Keith , 9/8/2016 Perfect. Couldn't be happier. Great quality.
  • 3 piece wonder.

    Isaiah , 9/4/2016 I had bought this set for myself and found it was perfect. Between the clip knife, which is always great to have, a pen knife as well as a very handy watch that can attach to your belt. This product is a definite win, win from all standpoints.
  • Another Great Christmas Gift!

    Christopher, 5/17/2016 I bought two of these sets for my boys for this Christmas and they are awesome-the tools and my boys! Great quality. I can't wait until Christmas!
  • Great Gift Set

    Jeannie, 9/30/2015 Purchased this for my brother-in-law for Christmas. Looks very nice and good quality.
  • Outstanding Value

    Paul Goshko, 12/9/2014 Wonderful Christmas gifts; outstanding quality, regardless of price!
  • Nice Set

    Helen, 12/3/2014 Really a nice looking set. The reason that I didn't give it a 5 was because the multitool was a little small for the average person. Would be good for a small hand.
  • Nice Set

    Larry, 11/25/2014 I'm bought this to as a gift. I really like it I went shopping for a new gift.
  • Xmas Gifts For Sons

    James Bailey, 12/23/2013 Ordered two of these excellent sets on 12/6/13. Sets arrived very quickly which was needed because they had to be Wrapped and reshipped to each of my sons who live in Indiana. These sets are very classy and are presented in a nice wooden box which sets off the beautiful wooden handles on the Knives and utility tool! The belt loop watch, included with the set, is ideal for quick and easy reference to the time when you need it. These sets are indicative of the Garrett Wade standard of excellence!
  • Great Gift!

    Deborah Greenhalgh, 9/23/2013 This is the perfect gift for my husband, who has everything he could possible desire, except these nifty toys he will enjoy very much! Thank you for putting this nice group together for me.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Josiah, 11/29/2012 It is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ms.

    Marty Shaw, 3/13/2011 Enjoyed this beautifully made all in one tool set received as Christmas Gift. Such great Quality & functionality that gave it as B-gift for Dad. HEY Shout OUT to Richard Johnson - Had the same issue with face upside down on watch hanging from belt until turned it around with steel facing outward then it works the face is viewable from your own belt. Our question of the night is where is this product actually made???? The only markings were found on watch face for Japan movement but nothing was found on packaging or tools as to country of origin !!!!
  • Gifts

    Dwight Bellinger, 12/27/2010 Items were received promptly. Given as Christmas gifts. Recipients were thrilled.
  • Quality Gift

    Wayne, 12/16/2010 Not only were the tools of the best quality, but the presentation box was definitely top notch! Couldn't ask for a nicer gift to give to friends and family. It will long be appreciated.
  • Fine For Size

    Harvey Green, 12/13/2010 A very good price for some good tools, albeit for small jobs, in the case of the multi-tool. The watch is a good practical piece for work, as long as one doesn't leave it hanging out, where it could get broken in the course of working. Knives first-rate.
  • Quality Knife Set

    Kleansweap, 4/17/2010 This is a great knife set that is inexpensive but has the qualities of the Buck or the Victorinox knives. I love the needle nose pliers, along with the other utilities, on one of the knives (very useful tool in the tool box especially for stripping electrical wires). All knives are great pocket knives and are dependable (not like made in China" imitations)and are made of stainless steel, obviously means no rust. Buy one set for yourself and one for a friend because they are a great buy. The only bad thing about the set is I broke the crystal face of the watch in my pocket, which is my fault for putting it in my pocket instead of clipping it to my belt loop on my pants. I strongly recommend this knife set!!!!"
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