Vintage Copper Cookware Collection - Limited Quantities Available

Vintage Copper Cookware Collection - Limited Quantities Available

We’ve sold out of all our Vintage Copper Pots. They were exceptionally popular. So much so that we are digging into our various sources in France to look for more. We have a few leads and hope to bring you additional items in 2018. But as you can imagine this is a bit of a treasure hunt so we can’t give you a firm date. Please review our Vintage category by clicking here to see other Vintage items we hope will interest you.

This is a real find: truly vintage but 100% brand-new, never used cookware, Tin-lined and with all-copper bodies hammered in the manner of the highest quality Copper cookware. We have a fantastic assortment: Casseroles, Skillet Pans, Saute Pans, and Conical Sauce Pans, in a range of sizes. All are completely authentic and made with exacting care and a focus on quality rarely found today.

The exceptional even-heat-spreading ability of Solid Copper cookware is the stuff of legend, and the best French chefs have relied on them for over 100 years. Because of its non-stick properties, the inside of the very best premium pots were historically lined with a coating of pure, molten tin. Modern manufacturing techniques substituted Stainless Steel for Tin decades ago, but one consequence is more Steel and much less Copper in the body. So an unintended result of this change has been a general decline in the quality of the more “modern” cookware.

A number of months ago we found ourselves in the warehouse archives of a French factory that makes high quality cookware for the professional French market and came across several hundred vintage (that is, thick and tin-lined) Copper pots. It was like seeing the “motherlode.” We were stunned and quickly offered to purchase this historic, vintage professional cookware for you, and the factory finally agreed. We are delighted to be able to make these available with such a high value at a savings of 40 to 50% off the cost of the contemporary made cookware of similar quality.

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