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Bestseller All Purpose Box Hatchet
Famously ugly - and incredibly useful
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For dirty jobs, save your fancy tools - use this instead. Part Hatchet, part hammer, part nail remover and pry bar, this design was originally used to close or open wooden tea crates - think India and the Empire. It's truly one of the most ugly tools made, but loved for its way with rough work. Length 13". Blade width 31/4". The rubber handle is a modern enhancement - sturdier and non-slip. It's cheap enough to allow you to get 3 and spread them around so you always have one close at hand.
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Overall Rating
  • Strong & Useful

    Linda, 1/18/2018 Well made product liked so well I had ordered 3 & ordered 2 more.
  • Sidekick.

    Kenny Schmidt, 12/19/2017 Maybe if I was a welder, maybe if I bought tools to show off or maybe if I bought a tool and didn't use it I would criticize this tool's appearance. However none of that applied to me, I just used it. Hurricane Nate pushed a large tree onto my shop and smashed it like a pumpkin, this tool did the lion's share of the demolition. Great value, great tool. I've bought 3 more for friends.
  • Got a purpose, it should fit the purpose!

    Ron Murray SR, 12/9/2017 I bought this ugly tool to use with my chainsaw vice. The vice is pounded into a log or stump and holds the saw so it can be sharpened. I wanted something that felt like a hammer but wasn't. I also figured the hatchet could be used to trim small branches from the logs I would be cutting. It has a nice weight to it, it looks perfect for what I bought it to do, and I don't care if it gets dirty and scratched up in use. It is an odd looking tool, but so what?
  • Rough & Ready

    Jay Brooks, 11/28/2017 This is a rough tool for rough work. As other reviewers have noted, this is not a tool with much in the "fit and finish" department. I do not consider that a fault for a utility tool such as this one. It does seem to be tough, which is something that matters. My only criticism of it is that the pry bar end is too thick. A few minutes with a bench grander or a file will take care of that. If you are expecting a display grade tool, this is not for you. If you need something cheap and cheerful that you can use for rough work and never worry about and leaving it rattling around loose in a tool box then this is a useful, economical item. I like it because I can chop close to nails or wire where I would be worried about the edge of my good hatchet or pry and yank away removing difficult nails where I would otherwise be risking the hickory handles on my good hammers. This tool will easily and quickly pay for itself in reduced maintenance and wear and tear of better tools; that is its intended function and it serves it well. I am glad that it looks rough so I will never be tempted to "baby" it. This is a rough tool tool for rough work. For its purpose, I think its crudeness is a feature, not a flaw.
  • Disappointed

    Charles Sleighter, 11/16/2017 Looks nothing like the picture. I have to agree with another reviewer who said it looks like a bad weld that should have been ground down.
  • Great multi-tool for the bug out bag

    Tom, 9/27/2017 I bought 3 of these and keep them in all my bug out bags. Great multi-tool! You can see one in use by Glenn in season 2 of The Walking Dead. He's out in the woods and buries it in the head of a zombie! Really! So that ads an extra use to the tool.

    Rickie Hembree, 8/26/2017 Love this box hatchet
  • False advertising!

    Brent, 8/25/2017 Would have been nice if someone took a grinder to it where the head is attached. It looks like someone used JBweld on it, not smooth like the one in the photo. I guess that's what you get for $8.00.
  • Not happy

    Michele, 7/30/2017 Not particularly happy with this product. It looks as tho my great-grandson molded the head with his playdoh. It's not smooth or professional looking in any way. I've not tried it out in the garden yet because it feels like I'll need to put an edge on it.
  • Awesome tool, wish it came with sheath

    Jesse, 2/13/2017 Hatchet is awesome. Even more rugged and durable than I anticipated. Blade shipped sharp. Good grip. Only downside I see so far is that it didnt ship with any kind of sheath or blade covering, and Garret Wade doesn't appear to carry one that fits this hatchet either. Kind of a bummer. I got the hatchet on a special, for $6 around the holidays, but I'll end up spending twice that on a sheath for it.
  • Handy tool at a great price

    Kris Williams, 12/26/2016 Handy versatile tool at a great price!
  • All Purpose Box Hatchet

    Sheila Phillips, 12/26/2016 Great sturdy tool. I bought 4 of them for family members to use for camping. Think chopping wood, pounding in stakes and pulling up stakes when it is time to leave.
  • awesome

    Joseph P Korup, 12/26/2016 Had another one a long time ago. Not from you. Although it worked a long time one day the handle just snapped off. This one appears to be more sturdily built should last longer than the first one I am really impressed thank you for a great tool
  • What a tool!

    JMac, 12/22/2016 Bought to give as a Christmas gift. Looks very interesting. Probably borrow it for my own use.
  • Box hatchet

    Kate cooper, 12/16/2016 This is an incredibly handy tool for the everyday outdoorsman.
  • Awesome

    Ray Cole, 12/12/2016 awesome tool
  • Very Durable

    Gil Trujillo, 12/4/2016 Great for taking apart pallets . It can take a beating .
  • KSJ

    Kyle S Johnson, 10/21/2016 Great for camping or in the car for emergencies. Also great for Christmas gifts!
  • KJ

    Kyle S Johnson, 10/21/2016 Handy and compact,,,great Christmas gift!
  • Awesome service

    Justin christian, 10/4/2016 Works great and received it quickly, no complaints from me
  • Just what I need

    Carol, 9/20/2016 Handle is not comfortable. However, the tool is sturdy and a great addition to the home or campsite. Just wish you made a blade cover for it.
  • Handy Tool and Unique

    Madra, 9/6/2015 Thought this would be a good stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  • Update To Previous Review

    Plotthunter, 1/28/2015 An update to the previous review. GW promptly sent a replacement hatchet when I was able to contact them by phone through customer service. A+ to them for their customer service! I still have doubts about this tool as being very heavy duty but I suppose I should be realistic and recognize that $12.95 does not buy you a five star framing hammer or heavy duty axe or hatchet! It will probably do just fine for light projects around the house or as a spare tool in vehicle for emergencies. I plan to go a little easier on this one since it is cast and not forged. Probably a decent value for the money invested if used in context of price and durability.
  • Compact Handy Multitasker

    Janet Irwin, 1/26/2015 This little tool is a good weight and feel for an ordinary person like me, and quite versatile to boot. I just used it to break up and scrape shovel-resistant ice off the deck stairs, and started thinking of all the other potential uses it will serve as winter passes into spring.
  • Truck Tool

    David Walters, 1/23/2015 Ideal tool to keep handy in my truck. This is the third one I've bought, and have given them to my sons as gifts. No telling all the things you can do with this in a pinch.
  • Ugly but Useful

    Kathleen, 1/2/2015 My hubby was pleased. He said it going to be a handy tool to have! Clever combination of tools.
  • All in one Hatchet

    Chandra, 1/1/2015 I bought this for my husband for x-mas. He absolutely loves this. Very handy, small, fits in the tool box. The only thing that would be nice is a cover for the blade. I know these come with the more expensive hatchets.
  • I love you cool tool.

    Jack Anderson, 12/24/2014
  • Box Hatchet

    Debbie Laird, 12/17/2014 This looks like a really neat and handy tool. Hoping hubby will like it.
  • Great Tool

    Mike Vigue, 12/11/2014 Great Tool at a great price, I feel a lot better having this tool in my truck in case of emergency especially in the winter.
  • Great Hatchet

    Ed Hester, 12/8/2014 Very nice hatchet -- much better than I expected.
  • Really Heavy

    Helen, 12/2/2014 A great camping tool for hammering tent stakes, etc. Not very finely molded, but good for the price.
  • Review

    Fred Apt, 12/1/2014 Good basic tool to carry in a vehicle, for emergency situations.
  • Very Useful Tool

    Larry , 11/24/2014 I used this knock off some limbs from a log. One blow on each limb and they were removed. A great weight makes it very useful. You'll wish you bought two as family will want to borrow it, as mine did.
  • A Tool Good Enough To Deserve A Sheath!

    Tim Cacy, 10/14/2014 Bought 3. One for my own use and two for the kids families. A great allaround camping tool as it can be used to drive tent stakes, pull em out, split kindling and pull nails out of trees if needed. A sheath should be offered for the blade or better yet, for the entire "working" end of the tool."
  • Box Hatchet

    David Stark, 9/15/2014 The product is good but I would have much preferred that it was made in the USA and not in China. This is a handy tool.
  • Broke 1st Use

    William Carroll, 3/29/2014 I used it to split firewood and as I battoned it on the hammer head, the hammer head broke off.
  • Multi Hatchet

    Duncan Wynn Jr, 3/23/2014 Had one of these for years , albeit the original Swedish military surplus version with a wooden handle. Never had it break and it was quite useful!
  • Very Handy Tool

    Jim Leftwich, 3/12/2014 One of the handiest tools you can have if you do any work outside...with this and a Leatherman, you're pretty much ready for anything.
  • Hatchet

    MD Helgerson, 2/15/2013 This item looks like its made of steel but in fact it is cast - what disappointment - will probably break the first nail I pull.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear that you are not altogether happy with the Box Hatchet. It is steel but is a steel casting rather than a forging. By all means, please send it back to us and we will issue you a refund. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Useful tool to have around

    Joe, 1/1/2013 Great tool to have in the garage. Has dozens of uses in the home and yard,and makes short work of a lot of everyday tasks.
  • Great Deal!

    Ralph Anderson, 1/1/2013 For those who have yard work to do, this tool replaces (4) others. No need to find a double handful of several tools! Pick up the Box Hatchet and head for the yard work! Cannot be beat! So versatile!
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