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The stainless steel blade of this Sequoia-handled Japanese tri-grind knife features two different edge styles: one with wide serrations such as you might see on a bread knife, and the other with much finer serrations. It excels at cutting a variety of tough materials: heavy cloth, styrofoam, pvc pipe, etc. In fact, it’s not only great in the shop, but can also find a variety of uses in the kitchen, such as cutting boney fish. A pleasure to use and hold, and the wood handle has a hole to allow hanging from pegboard or hook. Keep one in the shop and one in the house.
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Stainless Steel
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  • All-Purpose Double-Sided Knife

    william lewis, 11/16/2018 I've lived on boats for over 40 years. I've cut through over a thousand boat lines from 1/4" through 2 inches using over a hundred different knives. NOTHING cuts through lines/rope better than this knife!
  • All Purpose Double-Sided Knife

    Smokey, 9/27/2018 The Japanese must be crazy to put a super-sharp sawblade on *both* sides of a sheathless knife! One that looks like a bread knife... But it's not! This is about the sharpest, most dangerous knife I have (and I've got lots!) I gave it 5 stars because it's so versatile... and sharp! And DANGEROUS!!
    It's my kinda knife/tool/man-toy. It will cut deep, with hardly a touch; I've already had one close call.Luckily, I've avoided auto-bloodshed for the time being. But it will happen sooner or later. Won't be the first time, but that's a risk every knife connoisseur takes.
    I'd have preferred a good, protective sheath, even if it was cheap kydex. This thing is über-wicked, and having a really sharp blade on each side doubles and squares the risk. But hey, we only live once, ain't that so? Might as well live it up with this very sharp, dangerous knife. I keep this baby up on a magnetic knife/tool holder in my garage. It makes me more prudent seeing it there, ready to go all Freddie Kreuger on his 4th cuppa joe if I'm not careful. Would I buy it again? Hell yeah, who you been talkin' to, anyway? Knives are a guy thing, like pyrotechnics... we just gotta have the newest thing.
  • all purpose double-sided knife

    Sharon Roberts, 5/15/2017 my husband loved it.
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