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All Steel Safety Waste Disposal Can
$ 115
Made of steel, with a solid foot-activated lid mechanism, this heavy-duty item is a useful and important part of a safe work environment. These industrial-quality 10 gallon cans will securely hold rags and other material soaked with oil, varnish, or other flammable materials. The heavy lid deters oxygen entering, and a raised and vented base keeps the bottom of the can above the floor in the event of fire.

When you work with materials like oils and varnish, you need a safe place to dispose of cleanup and polishing rags. Tossing oil-soaked rags in a regular trash can is both toxic and dangerous. If compressed together, the oils/solvents react with oxygen and can spontaneously combust (ignite) – a cause of many, many fires every year. Note: Must be emptied nightly to avoid buildup of fumes. Get it for peace of mind.

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