Aluminum Mitre Scribing Saddles

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Aluminum Mitre Scribing Saddles
A layout alternative to the simple square
28K01.01 Double 45° Mitre Scribe

Available 12/10/2020


28K01.02 45° & 90° Mitre Scribe

Available 12/10/2020


28K01.10 Both Mitre Scribes

Available 12/10/2020


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Sometimes you need a layout tool that sits on your work better than a simple square. That's where a saddle comes in handy - like these, made in Japan of tough extrusions with precision miters. One has two 45° ends; the other has a 45 and a 90° end. They measure about 3" x 7" long, and will never flop over the way many squares do.

Note: The metric markings on the edge are specific to particular Japanese methods of work, and do not affect the utility of the angles for marking-out (which is the main use of this tool).

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  • zoomie

    Zona Kaml, 2/28/2017 I am a single woman in my 50's, not good with angles. putting new doors in and these were a godsend.
  • Owner crow creek ranch

    Stanley brandon, 10/30/2016 Just what I wanted works great .good product for the price.
  • simple but effective

    woodie22, 1/2/2010 Handy little items to have... both function well for helping with layout on furniture projects. If you are a little 'junky' in the shop like me, these don't just lay flat on the table so you can find them when you need them!
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