Analog Garden Hose Timer

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Sale Analog Garden Hose Timer
fully mechanical, no batteries necessary
69C02.01 Analog Watering Timer

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69C01.10 Analog Watering Timer (2)

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Not everything has to be “smart” to be smart. And you don’t have to be a luddite to appreciate this “throwback” analog water timer. Fully mechanical, no batteries necessary, no LED readouts to worry about. The inflow/outflow ports have a standard garden hose thread, so it fits all U.S. hoses and exterior faucets. Water flow direction arrows on the body make for foolproof hookup.

To use, simply attach inflow port to your exterior faucet and attach a garden hose to the outflow port. Then, turn the kitchen-timer style dial to your intended watering time and let the mechanism handle the shut off. Makes a faint ticking noise so that you know it’s on. The Timer clocks up to two hours, to give your lawn and garden a generous amount of water if it’s needed. Use the “On” setting for totally continued watering. Contains a rubber sediment filter inside the housing. Unit is 3¼" tall and 2¼" diameter.

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