Analog Watering Timer

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Analog Watering Timer
Two simple-to-use dials do it all
76C01.15 Analog Watering Timer

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Remember when you could acquire a channel on your car radio simply by turning a knob. Do you miss that analog simplicity? If so, this may be the watering timer of your dreams. You set the frequency (number of hours or days between cycles) by a simple physical dial, and you set the volume (duration of the cycle in minutes - 1 to 60) with another dial. A fully manual setting is also an option. No touch screens. No digital readouts. It's intuitive with no system complexity. We think it is terrific. Italian made.

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  • Easy Setup Timer

    Brent Zaniewski, 5/26/2018 This timer is pretty straight forward to set up and operate. It takes a 9V battery, which doesn't come included, and has the main wire to connect behind the front panel. I swapped out the plastic connections it comes with for the better brass quick connectors sold on here. Been using mine for a week now to run the German Sprinkler and I have no complaints. Hoping the battery life lasts a long while.
  • Analog Timers

    Dave Strelecki, 5/19/2015 I use the timer to keep the water level in my pool to maximize tie effectiveness of the skimmer. We live in a very hot area and the water level will drop a lot in a few days. The timer keeps the level where I want it while we're gone for extended periods. Analog timers are easier to set by me or my pool techs.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 WinnerMay 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Dave!!
  • Analog Water Timer

    David, 5/4/2015 This is an excellent watering timer. It is very intuitive to set up. The only downside is if you want it to start at 6 a.m. you need to be up at 6 a.m to set it the first time. :)) The only complaint is that you have to remove it if you want to use the line for washing cars. It would be nice if they incorporated an on" setting to get a continuous flow when you need it. I would recommend this timer.
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