Angled "Carpet" Scissors

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Sale Angled "Carpet" Scissors
Designed to handle the really tough stuff
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18A09.02 Angled "Carpet" Scissors

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Designed to be used by professional carpet and heavy textile installers, these tough tools have thick, angled steel blades for cutting difficult, heavy materials in place on the floor or worktable. Micro-serrations on the cutting edge also make cutting smooth synthetic materials trouble-free. There is never material slippage or blade deflection. The long ergonomic handle provides powerful leverage and has grooves in just the right place to keep your grip. We've found them to be incredibly useful around the house and workshop. This is a real "industry" tool "borrowed" from its professional trade.
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Overall Rating
  • good tool

    Greg Nolan, 1/20/2017 sturdy, well-designed, comfortable -- good tool for cutting difficult materials
  • effective

    Justin Mackay-Smith, 9/10/2016 I like the angled handle because it gives knuckle clearance
  • All Purpose Shears

    Barbara C. Thompson, 9/2/2016 I bought these to cut leather and boy do they do a great job, even cutting small corners or rounds of 3 to 4 oz material, and they are comfortable to use as they are designed to run along the floor to cut carpet ,lineoleum, metal or even thin plastic.
  • Right tool at the right time for the job

    George Kalin, 7/25/2016 This tool was needed for our next project at home- replacing all of our in place carpeting. The open handle is excellent for my arthritic hands and the tool will enable us tocut the carpeting for painting the steps while allowing our dog to be safe until the rest of the carpeting is replaced.No other tool or scissors would have worked. Problem solved!!
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