Antique Architect's Folding Rule

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Antique Architect's Folding Rule
Boxwood & brass scale rule 100+ year old
NOTE: If this item is not available we are actively looking for more. Please be patient as reasonably priced antiques are hard to find.
02D12.08 Antique Architect's Folding Rule

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Garrett Wade has been selling four-fold carpenter's rules for years, both antique and contemporary, but the Antique Boxwood Architect's Rule could be the most charmingly beautiful, and every bit as useful today as when first used by a young engineer 100+ years ago. Exquisitely made of fine English boxwood aged to a warm ochre patina, fitted with a brass edge-plate middle hinge, an arched main hinge and brass caps. The 24 4-folder features four inner beveled edges with architect scales and a 0-180 degree protractor on the hub of the main rotating hinge (an especially useful feature). Each rule in our stock is unique. Though we are unable to pick and choose for customer orders, the Rabone rule shown here is representative of what you can expect - very good condition, with clear graduations and silky smooth hinge action. Each rule is guaranteed to have been hand selected for its quality, beauty and unique charm.

Leather case not included.

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  • Folding Rule

    Tom Clarke, 2/27/2015 When I started to serve my time at the joinery I had one of the folding ruler, the carpenter I was serving my time with showed me a trick with the folding rule. You must open the rule fully with all the moves away from you, have you heard of this move. I can do it and I have great fun with my friends when I ask them to do it.
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